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Culture offers four children’s plays to enjoy theater with the family

The smallest of the house have been enjoying the Christmas holidays since last Friday. To the agenda devised on the occasion of the celebration of this festival, the Culture area of ​​the City Council adds an alternative to discover the magic of theater with the family. From Monday the 27th to Thursday the 30th of December, at 12 noon, the House of Culture will be the setting for four children’s theatrical works that, in addition to entertaining, will bring literature, classical music or recycling closer to the little ones.

The theater, in addition to being a fun leisure alternative, stands as a very useful tool for children to learn values ​​through different staging, as well as to discover great classics and even improve their ability to concentrate and understand. It is one of the most effective ways for children to entertain themselves and learn at the same time.

In a world in which technology is the main protagonist, leisure activities such as the theatrical shows that are offered at the Casa de la Cultura are a good alternative to put electronic devices aside, at least for a while. And thus, connect children with other emotions and show them that they can have fun without having the need to be connected to mobile phones, tablets or video game consoles.

All plays will be performed at the Casa de la Cultura at 12.00 and the entrance fee, 2 euros, will be used to collaborate with the social associations of the municipality. Tickets can be withdrawn one hour before the start of the performance until full capacity.

Eye-catching programming

The theatrical agenda begins on Monday, December 27, with Rossini in the kitchen, from the La Tartana Teatro company, which will bring classical music to children.

This fun play of puppets and actor will discover the musician and the person, through Rossini’s musical work, with his two great passions: music and food. In his kitchen, the public will see how the events that happen to the great composer change his emotional states and how this influences his dishes and his scores.

On Tuesday 28, the puppets will be in charge of entertaining the day with the showHidden in the fountain of Ángeles de Trapo, a show without words that addresses the issue of water and animal pollution due to plastic waste.

This representation of puppeteers is an invitation to dream that cannot go unnoticed. In it, fantasy and learning come together to tell the story of a street artist who, one fine day, meets mysterious beings.

On Wednesday 29th, literature will enter the scene withEl Tesoro de Barracudaby A la Sombrita Teatro, a contemporary shadow theater show based on the adaptation of the award-winning novel of the same name by the writer and playwright Llanos Campos Martínez.

The proposal of A la Sombrita is directed by Llanos Campos herself, who has adapted the original text of the play, rescuing the essential keys of the story, with special attention to the resources and plots with the greatest effect in dramaturgy.

On Thursday the 30th this cycle of children’s theaters withInvisibles by Voilà Producciones Artísticas comes to an end. In this play, the little ones will meet Mia, who is afraid of almost everything. That is why one day he imagines Frida, his new invisible friend. Together with her you can face your fears. Years later Mia has grown up and everyone tells her that she is old enough to believe in fantasies. So he forgets about Frida. But when you need it again, it will be gone. Mia doesn’t know how to deal with her problems, and decides to avoid them by making herself invisible to everyone. Until one day, a nice being appears by surprise inside his closet. He is the imaginary friend of another child who also abandoned him for being badly done.



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