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Culture promotes three contests around Christmas for children and adolescents

The Culture area of ​​the City Council has organized three contests around Christmas aimed at local students. In this way, boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 12 will be able to participate in Our Christmas, which will focus on manual work on the Christmas holidays.

The deadline for submitting the works will end on November 30 and, according to the IU councilor Pablo Centella, a raffle will be held among the participants to choose the boy or girl who will turn on the Christmas lighting in Benalmádena this year.

In addition,Primary education students will be able to participate in the XXV Joanna Latorre School Christmas Story Contest, 2021-2022 course. This contest will have an individual and a collective modality (with a group of three students maximum).

Finally, the XXV Joanna Latorre Christmas Stories Contest Course 2021-2022 will also be held, which is aimed at students from Benalmádena who are in the First and Second Cycle of Compulsory Secondary Education (1st to 4th of ESO).

The modality in this contest is individual, the stories must be original and unpublished and the main theme must be Christmas, admitting only one story per student, enhancing positive values ​​and attitudes. The works will be presented on A4 size paper, handwritten and must be perfectly legible with a minimum of 5 sheets of writing (minimum 20 lines each sheet). The stories must be illustrated by drawings or decorations made by the authors themselves, without diminishing the minimum established for the writing of the story. Likewise, the course to which it belongs must appear in the right corner of each page.

The deadline to present the stories in both contestswill expire on December 9. Registrations can be made at the Benalmádena City Council electronic office, through the procedure Christmas school contests, with digital certificate from the mother / father or legal guardian https://sede.benalmadena.es or in person at the General Registry of the Benalmádena Town Council or at the Citizen Service Office (OAC) in the Arroyo de la Miel Social Services building. It should be remembered that it is necessary to obtain a prior appointment at www.benalmadena.es or by calling 690 69 44 16 – 951 922 571.

The awards ceremony for the finalists will be held on December 22, 2021. This act will be adapted to the current sanitary and regulatory conditions that are in force, notifying them about the place and time of the celebration.

The winning stories will remain in the Education Area, with which a report will be published, which will be delivered at the Contest the following year to the winners of the previous edition, Public Libraries and Educational Centers of Benalmádena.

In the words of the Councilor for Cultureand Education “taking advantage of the Christmas holidays, with these contests we want to promote creativity, literary ability and a taste for reading among boys and girls.”

The complete bases can be consulted on the website of the City Council and the prizes that will be awarded will focus on school supplies and reading books.



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