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Demonstration tomorrow in front of the House of Culture to demand the construction of the Alzheimer’s day center

The Association of Familiares de Enfermos de Alzheimer de Benalmádena (AFAB) has organized tomorrow Saturday, November 20, a demonstration for demand the construction of its Alzheimer’s and Other Dementia Day Center in the city that, to this day, and a decade after the symbolic act of laying the first stone was celebrated, continues without receiving the necessary economic injection from the public administrations.

The association can no longer and, tired of “permanent proposals and promises” by public administrations,  will focus tomorrow at 12.00in front of the Casa de la Cultura well, he understands that, “after these 25 years of hard, daily work and without losing hope, the time has come to say: Enough is enough!”

The organizers, relatives of patients with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, have made a appeal to the population to join this protest, with which they want to “end a long decade of waiting since, in 2010, the Benalmádena City Council gave this group a plot of land in Cerro del Viento, in the Miramar Urbanization.”

They explain that, since then, there have been several unsuccessful attempts to obtain financing to build a Center, whose project already has a visa and is paid for. Due to the pandemic, the association was forced to reduce places and although today it is gradually returning to normality, as they say,  “we did not reach the end of the month.”

In fact, AFAB accumulates a waiting list by establishing itself as the only alternative for many families with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, who assure that “this association is a light on the road for us, because there our relatives socialize and have care constant they need ”. Some relatives confess that “due to the problem of space in the current headquarters they cannot attend to more patients and we fear that AFAB will be forced to close, because with the economic amount they receive for the current places they are not able to cover the expenses to reach an end of the month ”.

This group asks the towncouncilsof Benalmádena and Torremolinos, the Provincial Counciland the Junta de Andalucía to “join forces and look for alternatives so that the much-needed day center can be built.”

And, while the demand for the services provided by this association grows enormously, it is tied up in the absence of space in its current headquarters. The reality is that, ten years after that first stone, nothing is known about the much-sought-after building.

Families are tired of all doors being closed when, on the contrary, Alzheimer’s is a growing disease that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), will affect 150 million people in less than 30 years. In this sense, they highlight that Benalmádena and Torremolinos have almost 150,000 registered people in a demographic scenario of constant general aging of the population.

According to statistical data, 85 percent of the patients are cared for by their direct relatives, so the labor, social and economic availability of these family caregivers is seriously compromised.

What has happened since 2000?

In 2001 the media reported that the new center would be built on a plot with an area of ​​2,180 square meters, as well as that it would have 70 places to offer specific care for Alzheimer’s patients. Likewise, at that time it was announced that it would have psychology services, physiotherapy or cognitive memory workshops to be able to attend to the needs of patients, not only in the first phase of this pathology, but also in the second and third.

Specifically, in 2010 Benalmádena City Council gave AFAB municipal land valued at € 1,047,000. As this media has been able to verify, the popular Enrique Moya being mayor, an annual fee of 15,000 euros is imposed on the association, plus a deposit of another 20,000 euros.

In 2017, the current municipal government changed the type of concession and abolished the annual fee of 15,000 euros, and the € 20,000 deposit was returned to AFAB.

According to municipal sources, since 2020, the Consistory has granted the entity a subsidy of 14,000 euros, the amount corresponding to 2021 being delivered a few days ago, an amount that “will be repeated every year.”  Likewise, from the local Administration they assure that “in all the events that they organize and thus require us, we put municipal resources at their disposal to facilitate their work”.



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