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Diputación delivers a plaque to Cudeca for participating in the 2020 call for grants

The Councilor for Social Welfare, Alicia Laddaga; and the Councilor for Health, Juan Carrillo, accompanied this morning the provincial deputy for the Elderly, Third Sector and International Cooperation, Francisco José Martín Moreno, on his visit to the facilities of the Cudecapalliative care center.

The councilor stressed that “as the City Council, we are very proud that Cudeca works from our municipality, and that the Provincial Council shows interest in the palliative care work carried out in the municipality and in the rest of the province,” she highlighted the councilor.

During the visit, Martín Moreno was able to see first-hand the new campaign of Cudeca, One in a million, whose The proceeds will be used to equip the home of the recently deceased founderof Cudeca, Joan Hunt, from turn it into a special care room for children and adolescentsaffected by cancer and other diseases.

Cudeca offers its users an environment of high professional quality, with a service characterized by its sensitivity and human warmth to take care not only of patients in their last trance, but also of their families.

For his part, the provincial deputy reported that “from the Provincial Council we wanted to deliver the plaque that we are awarding to all social entities that participated in the 2020 call for grants.

Likewise, Martín Moreno stressed that “Cudeca obtained last year a subsidy of 20,000 euros from the Provincial Council, and also another for the acquisition of sanitary material of almost 8,000 euros.”



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