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Ecologists in Action asks the City Council to maintain the median of palm trees on the Coast

The project to reorganize traffic on the Coast, included within the European funds of the Edusi strategy for Benalmádena, continues to make new headlines. In addition to the two citizen demonstrations, the motions brought by the opposition to various plenary sessions, collected from signatures or the complaints from individuals to the Andalusian Ombudsman, there is now a letter sent by Ecologists in Action to the Benalmadense mayor, Víctor Navas.

Environmentalists, through Citizen Platform not to the single lane -which has the support of more than 4,000 members on the internet-, they have learned of the City Council’s intention to eliminate the median of palm trees on Antonio Machado avenue, and have sent a letter to the mayor in which they ask him to “reconsider the project and allocate that investment to renaturalize the urban centers of Benalmádena “.

Although they request the City Council “the link to the project” to be able to know all the details with greater precision, in the letter they show that “they do not understand the need to modify an already established and functional area with a green median

Along these lines, ecologists explain that in the face of the climate emergency in which we find ourselves, “what is necessary is to increase green infrastructures “, renaturalizing urban centers with vertical gardens, new green areas with medium and small gardens, the creation of a wide green belt in the city centers, planting trees in the streets, and ultimately, “introduce nature in the locality “, in order to avoid the effect heat island produced by asphalt and “with the aim of adapting to climate change”.

For its part, from the Citizen platform not to the single lane have thanked Ecologists in Action for their support and have told this medium that “there is a section of the median that is within the coastal protection easement “, that is to say, that” in order to carry out any type of action in that specific area it is mandatory that the City Council have the Coasts permit “.

The residents that make up the platform have been asking for the return of the two lanes on Antonio Machado Avenue, since they insist that “the continuous traffic jams have been our daily bread since they removed the lane, also giving a security problem because the caravans are also for firefighters, police and ambulances “.

The palm trees return to ‘sneak’ into the Plenary

In the plenary session this morning, Antonio Machado avenue has once again played a leading role through the motion of the PP in which they asked to protect the median and its arboreal complex on this avenue, and that it has not prospered.

As explained by the PP, this initiative, “as the forecasts of the votes of the informative commissions prior to the plenary session marked, has been rejected by the current majority of the left-wing bloc, which has also made it clear that it will not rectify its actions in Benalmádena Coast”.



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