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Educational centers will host an Oceanographic outreach project on the importance of protecting the sea

Researchers from the Oceanographic Center of Málaga (Spanish Institute of Oceanography, Higher Council for Scientific Research), and volunteers from the Alborán Sea Naval League will travel to the educational centers of Benalmádena with material and audiovisuals to explain the ‘Mares Alborán Azul’ project whose main objective is to raise awareness among first-year ESO students from the different coastal municipalities of the province of Malaga about the care and protection of the Alboran Sea that bathes the coastline.

This environmental informative project of the Oceanographic Institute of Málaga and the Mar de Alborán Naval League is part of the general action plan agreed between both institutions and has the support of the municipal area of Education, whose councilor, María Luisa Robles, has given the details at a press conference this Monday.

In addition, it should be noted that they will travel to the different institutes with various material to give a theoretical and interactive talk with the students. The basic needs for this environmental activity will be a covered space or assembly hall, two tables of about two meters for the exhibition of the material, public address system and connections for audiovisual projection.

They will last approximately 45 minutes per course with a space of 15 minutes to organize the entry and exit of students to the assigned space, coinciding with the usual class schedule so as not to interfere with the normal educational functioning of the center.

The presentations raise awareness that the Earth’s seas and oceans have helped cushion the effects of climate change, but are also strongly threatened by this process. For this reason, the councilor has highlighted the importance of these talks with the students “responding to the letter to raise awareness about the need to protect and conserve our seas” at a time “in which climate change is a reality that is noticing in many ways in our daily lives”



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