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The students of El Panal finally have a dining room in their school

The 54 students of the El Panal Infant School enrolled in the school cafeteria, already have lunch at their school. This educational center that previously belonged to the Miguel Hernández school, a center that – despite the problems that it has been dragging since the beginning of the school year in terms of the deficit in its kitchen staff – has been providing dining room service to these schoolchildren while they were running the works to adapt its multipurpose classroom, which have had a budget of 40,000 euros.

The students of El Panal have been enjoying a dining room service at their school since yesterday, through catering and, as explained to Ole Benalmádena José Labrador, manager of the Andalusian Public Agency for Education (APAE), the menus are subject to the control of the Autonomous Administration so that they comply with all the sanitary recommendations regarding healthy eating that the Junta de Andalucía promotes in school canteens .

The works carried out at the El Panal nursery school were visited by the territorial delegate for Education and Sports in Malaga, Mercedes García Paine, the Councilor for Education, Pablo Centella, and the councilors of Citizens Juan Antonio Vargas and María Luisa Robles.

For its part, Centella has congratulated the educational community for “this improvement that it will allow students not to have to go to Miguel Hernández school to have lunch “, and he also thanked him”patience in the face of the delay in its start-up”since the school started the course without having this service and the adaptation works have been carried out coinciding with the development of the school’s teaching hours.

As noted García Paine “the dining room is a complementary school service that makes it easier for families to reconcile their work life with their family life“it should be remembered that, although the El Panal students traveled by bus to Miguel Hernández, on Fridays for the celebration of the market they had to be transferred in a particular way by their fathers and / or mothers. This bus service was managed by the Ampa of the educational center and paid for by the parents of the users and has never received any type of subsidy.

He also indicated that these actions are part of the 2021 Reform and Improvement Plan of the Ministry of Education for the improvement of Andalusian public centers. At the same time, he also wanted to highlight the involvement of the Andalusian Public Agency for Education in the adaptation of this dining room, and has underlined its work with many other reforms, adaptation of spaces and creation of new centers that it is carrying out in educational centers during this academic year.

The beginning of the activity of the school canteen of the CEI El Panal also represents an outlet for the CEIP Miguel Hernández, which continues to overload its kitchen due to the uncovered casualties of its school canteen staff.

Investment of 15 million euros in educational centers in Benalmádena

Along with the recently inaugurated work in the El Panal dining room, another 10 more performances are being carried out in Benalmádena. Specifically, García Paine pointed out that the removal of asbestos from the auditorium of the CEIP Miguel Hernández (53.000 euros) –in which until yesterday lunch was served to the students of El Panal-, the building of the new IES D3 in Benalmádena pueblo (6.5 million euros) or the new CEIP C2 Doña María Zone(almost 5 million euros), all in the project contracting phase; the construction of spaces for training cycles at IES Arroyo del Miel (1,210,000 euros) which is in the work contracting phase; and the extension to C4 of the CEIP Mariana Pineda(2,379,000 euros) which is in the project contracting phase.

Likewise, there are 4 actions that have recently ended, such as the adaptation of spaces at the IES Al-Baytar(16,000 euros), the creation of 2 classrooms at the IES Cerro del Viento (60,000 euros), the creation of other two classrooms at CEIP El Tomillar(53,000 euros), and the repair of the retaining wall of the courtyard of the CEIP Mariana Pineda (40,000 euros). “This is one more example of the commitment of this Government to the families and students of Andalusian public educational centers,” said the delegate.

For his part, the Councilor for Education has expressed his willingness to collaborate with the Territorial Delegation of Education “to propose palliative measures while progressing in the projects of new educational centers for Benalmádena.”



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