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Emabesa donates more than 200 toys for vulnerable families in Benalmádena

The CEO of Emabesa (company responsible for the management of the municipality’s water resources), Joaquín Villazón; the councilor for Social Welfare, Alicia Laddaga; and the manager of Emabesa, Pedro del Campo, presented this morning the large batch of toys that the company will donate this Christmas to families at risk of social exclusion.

This company, according to municipal sources, has donated more than 200 toys, educational and for different ages, to the Delegation of Social Welfareof the Benalmádena City Council, so that no child in a vulnerable situation in Benalmádena will be left without a toy this Christmas.

“As is customary every year on these dates, Emabesa donates toys to the children of the municipality who are experiencing greater deficiencies,” explained Villazón.

The councilor applauded this gesture that Emabesa has with the needy every year, “trying to ensure that no child is left without toys in Reyes and thus enjoy Christmas with joy.”

Villazón recalled that it is the Social Services technicians who determine which families the donated toys will reach.

For his part, Laddaga, has stated that “thanks to this donation, the children of the municipality who are at risk of social vulnerability will be able to have their gift for Twelfth Night.”

Emabesa has followed the criteria of the Social Welfare technicians and the vast majority of the toys are educational and for all ages and, according to the councilor, the Last year it increased the item for the purchase of toys by 40% due to the pandemic, attending to the greater need and precariousness that it has caused, “maintaining the same economic amount for this year, 2,400 euros.”

The manager of Emabesa has stated that “it is a pride to meet our appointment again to ensure that no child in the municipality will be left without a toy next Christmas.”



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