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Fifty shops in Benalmádena join proximity marketing

Can you imagine entering a store in Benalmádena and that you get a message with a direct discount on an item that you are going to buy? Or that you are walking down a street and receive the offers of the closest stores according to your tastes and preferences? This is the proximity marketing, a strategy that encompasses different actions that always take into account the location of the potential customer, usually on a mobile device and that also adapts to their tastes.

The advantages of this type of advertising are numerous, for example, this type of marketing generates unique and different experiences in the user, which are remembered by the user, generating a feeling of exclusivity and at the same time they are not invasive since the client can choose from their mobile what promotions do you want or do not want to receive and, on the other hand, entrepreneurs can take advantage of the messages they send through this type of platform to publish them on their social networks or other online media.

And, this advertising strategy, which tries to impact as many customers as possible depending on their location, stands as an especially useful technique for small businesses or street-level businesses as it also allows them to impact people who are interested in your products, make sure that potential customer is physically close to your business.

The Benalmádena Open Shopping Center Association (ACCAB) has launched this pioneering initiative on the Costa del Sol, in which a proximity marketing service has been implemented, using bluetooth technology, initially in 50 selected establishments of the open shopping center .

This proximity marketing platform is used to send direct promotional messages to the mobile phones of users who pass near the participating establishments.

The project aims to promote digital transformation in the commercial sector, especially aimed at increasing the influx of visitors to the area, as well as consumption and physical sales in establishments, once the health situation of the covid has improved.

The president of ACCAB, Jesús Fortes, has presented the initiative together with the vice president of the association, Rosa María González Rubia, and the CEO of the company OK Located, Enrique Lara.

This action, which has a cost of 13,000 euros, is developed hand in hand with the Cámara de Comercio de Málaga, within the framework of Retail Trade Program financed by the Secretary of State for Trade and by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) through the Plan Dynamization of Urban Shopping Centersand, as highlighted by Fortes, in addition to the benefits that it entails for the establishments themselves, this system “is an effective way for potential clients to know in real time what promotions and offers are in place at the commercial and restaurant premises they find in your closest environment ”.

For her part, the vice president of ACCAB recalled that “these notification systems using bluetooth technology are successfully implemented in many of the capitals and large European cities, and also in America, in cities such as New York.”

The person in charge of the company that has installed the system in fifty shops in the city, has detailed that “the selected establishments already have their promotional messages and offers, ready to be sent automatically to the mobile phones of people who, having downloaded the App,pass near these places ”.

“It is the ideal platform to discover the exclusive offers and promotions offered by local establishments, only when you pass near them”, he added. In that sense, it has emphasized that it is a “non-invasive system, since the users of the Appcan even select the type of notifications they want to reach them”.

In addition, he stressed that this initiative is respectful with the environment and sustainable, since the use of physical paper formats is avoided to promote the establishments, their offers and promotions. It should be noted that there are many public administrations that are also taking advantage of this type of dissemination alternatives to promote their cultural agendas and promote their local heritage, although in Benalmádena, in principle, its use will be linked only to the business and commercial fabric.



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