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First meeting of the working group created to promote the Alzheimer’s center in Benalmádena

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, today made a balance of the first meeting of the work table set up to promote the regional center for Alzheimer’s patients in Benalmádena, a project that has been in the air for 12 years and that, during the provincial plenary session last March, the Provincial Council undertook to promote with the contribution of 300,000 euros.

At the table, in addition to AFAB (promoting entity of the project), other institutions such as the Andalusian Government, the Provincial Council of Malaga, or the Torremolinos City Council participated. Representing the Benalmádena City Council, together with the mayor, were the Councilor for the Elderly, Irene Díaz; and the Councilor for Social Welfare, Alicia Laddaga.

Navas reaffirmed “our commitment to AFAB, on the occasion of the constitution of this work table to promote the construction works of this regional center as soon as possible” and also valued that “taking into account that the competences in health and dependency matters belong to the Junta de Andalucía, we have found the attitude of the Diputación to be very laudable when it comes to promoting this project”.

The mayor recalled that the the City Council has already made a municipalplot of 2,000 square meters available to AFAB, valued at more than one million eurosand that in addition, during the previous mandate “we managed to exempt AFAB from the annual payment of a canon of 14,000 euros, to which we have added an annual subsidy to the group of another 14,000 euros”.

“We have also been looking for means and infrastructures to make available to AFAB: we offered the group the municipal offices that previously occupied a local television, in order to respond to the need they had for more space to offer their therapies,” he said. pointed.

In Benalmádena, in the words of Navas, “we believe that the formula followed in Fuengirola is the right one, joining forces with the Board, Provincial Council and City Council,and for this reason we will continue to insist on following that roadmap and thus progress in the construction of the center”.

“If the Junta de Andalucía ceases in its functions and does not lend its support to the project, the Benalmádena City Council will always be at AFAB’s side for everything it needs to advance in the construction of the regional center”, Navas declared, anticipating that Torremolinos City Council has also committed to collaborating with AFAB in the achievement of this project, “because many of the users they serve come from this locality: I am sure that, by joining efforts, all the administrations will be able to respond to this need in health and dependency matters that, although it corresponds to the Board, the city councils will always be willing to attend because it is the closest administration”.



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