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Four outstanding children’s authors committed to diversity present their stories in Benalmádena

The next Friday, December 3 at 6:00 p.m., benalmadenses families have an unavoidable appointment at the Casa de la Cultura with ‘Nosotras Contamos’, a storytelling activity and meeting with four authors of children’s literature, committed to the inclusion and visibility of diversity in the literary field.

This event is aimed at young children, from two to seven years old, and will bring together prominent authors such as Valeria Kiselova, Irene Mira, Sandra Carmona and Carolina Cebrián.

Valeria Kisenova has been showing her interest in the development of children with special needs as shown by her works for children with autism and with the creation of different specific materials, such as stories with pictograms or material for children with ASD and SLI. In addition, he also writes stories closely linked to the reality that is lived in the present time, such as El gato errante, a story that tells the reality of the refugees; La princesa al móvil pegada, that reflects the dependence of young people on technology at an early age and a possible solution related to reading or Un, dos, tres, ¿qué pintor es?, which consists of riddles about ten Spanish painters among the most famous, while teaching children to behave in museums.

Irene Mira, designer and illustrator, she has immersed herself in the world of children’s books with Pituca. En busca de su identidad.

Sandra Carmona in her book Alma narrates the life of a gypsy girl who tries to make visible a diverse culture that often faces prejudices based on false stereotypes. She is also the author of Samir and the Meteor Showerand Sara and the Meteor Shower, which tell of thejourney of a Syrian family that leaves Aleppo fleeing the war and arrives in Málaga.

Finally, Carolina Cebriánrecently published her latest book Your charm is love, an illustrated album aimed at understanding what ASD is and what happens after the diagnosis in the family, a book that is accompanied by a guide for parents.

For his part, the Councilor for Culture, Pablo Centella, stressed that “we continue working to promote reading especially among the youngest: our two public libraries carry out important work in this regard throughout the year.”

Centella recalled that several authors of children’s literature reside in Benalmádena, “some with a long history and national prestige, such as Valeria Kiselova, so it is a luxury to have their collaboration”.

The writer Valeria Kiselova, who has also participated in the presentation, has detailed that “the four children’s authors will present our stories to the little ones, offering quality time to children and parents offering a pleasant reading time”.



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