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Most of us, at some point in our lives, have been on skates that, by the way, now have nothing to do with those lace-up boots or metal structures with wheels that were tied to shoes. Although it is usually linked to leisure, skating is above all a sport that can be very fun and that has great advantages for the physical development of children.

There is no age to start skating, but it is recommended that children start this practice at the age of four, and from that early age, skating will help them improve their body movements, develop psychomotor skills, and sense of balance. and to strengthen his muscles, especially in the legs.

While for some it is just a form of leisure, for others it becomes a full-fledged sports practice, and even a lifestyle, especially in adolescence.

But, the truth is that skating has long ceased to be simply an activity to pass the time and, although Inline speed skating is not yet part of the programs of the Summer Olympic Games, its modality on ice is recognized by the International Olympic Committee, both figure skating and speed skating.

In fact, skating is actually a very complete sport, and it has countless health benefits and at the same time it gives rise to many sports such as roller hockey.

In Benalmádena, the Club Deportivo Benalpatín was born in 2007. It was founded by Marcela Haritchelhar, who has taught at the Arroyo de la Miel Municipal Sports Center since she arrived in Spain in 2003, from her native Argentina. 

Benalmádena, the only one in the country that ‘Skates on the Street’

From Benalpatín has become the skating a very popular activity for our municipality, and in addition to organize competitive inline skating events such as Andalusian Championships, Andalusian Cup and Municipal Sports Games, they are also the creators of Skate in the Street,a very popular activity in London that was achieved, thanks to the Club, to bring Benalmádena, the only city in Spain that does it, making us a benchmark in skating.

Currently, Benalpatínis in charge of the Municipal Skating School at the Arroyo de la Miel Sports Center, offering skating classes for all ages from 4 years old. From the Benalmadan Club they promote family sportsand at the same time as the little ones skate, adults can also do it – some are the parents of the children – on adjoining slopes.

For those more restless skaters who want to advance even further, the Inline Freestyle School has been developed, which has as coach  Camila Quintanilla, who, year after year, has been getting closer to being one of the best skaters in Spain, achieving a third place in the Speed ​​Slalommodality and 4th in the Classic modality in the Senior category of the Spanish Championship 2021.

Skating is an activity that takes place outdoors, while developing basic techniques and involves learning that is totally transferable to other sports such as skiing and other forms of skating. In Benalmádena, as indicated by Benalpatín, “You can make skating your hobby or your sport, beyond practicing it in class you can use it as a means of transport or use the boardwalks or bike paths in the area and enjoy the air and the views.”

To the physical advantages must be added what children and adults have fun with this practice, since it is a sport in which fatigue becomes more bearable and the sensation of speed and lightness is not achieved in the same way as with other sports.

As a curiosity, tell you that the first models of skates or, rather: wheels for shoes, date back to the 18th century. They were devised by the dutchman Hoans Brinker, specifically in the year 1733 and were made of metal and were tied to footwear with straps. Two centuries later, the first international federation was born, which is based in Switzerland and was created in 1924, consolidating skating as a sport.



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