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Improvements to the Bellavista lakes are completed

The improvement and conditioning works of the Bellavista lakes, which have involved a municipal investment of 200,000 euros, are nearing completion in the absence of some aesthetic details that will be undertaken in the coming weeks. According to the mayor, Víctor Navas, “the lakes have been increased with about 5,000 cubic meters of sand, which would be equivalent to the load of about 500 trucks, in order to reduce the depth and avoid the danger of possible accidents, as happened years ago ”.

For his part, the municipal delegate of Parks and Gardens, Joaquín Villazón, has indicated that  “The water is already flowing fluently through both lakes, and the pumps no longer have the difficulties they suffered before due to the high volume of water in the lakes, which caused constant breakdowns. Likewise, the mayor has indicated that they are currently considering the possibility of modifying the type of fencing in both lakes, and expanding and improving the planting carried out in the environment.

“It was very important to finalize the part of the action related to the circulation of water in both lakes, to avoid stagnation and bad odors, facilitating their constant movement”, stressed Villazón, who also highlighted that “where before there was a wasted environment and lifeless, we have now created a walking area where the pedestrian can sit quietly and enjoy the surroundings ”. For his part, the mayor has insisted that  “We want Benalmádena to continue to be the city in which everyone wants to live, prioritizing the quality of life and the well-being of citizens over any other criteria,” while Villazón stressed that when this project is completed together with the Albaytar park and the from La Paloma “will make Benalmádena one of the cities with the largest area of ​​green areas in its municipal area”.



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