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Incide promotes cooking courses to facilitate the labor insertion of vulnerable people

Our Chef Carla García teaches the ‘Laboris’ program organized by Incide for people without resources or training and which has an employability percentage of 70% of the students as kitchen assistant

Interview with Javier Poleo, Head of Communication at Incide

-How and when was this non-profit association from Málaga born?

Incide is an association that started with a very long name: Málaga League of Education and Popular Culture. Incide‘s work began in 1990 when a group of male and female teachers  met to raise the possibility of social transformation through education. From there the entity was founded, they are currently members of the board of directors, and they begin to work on projects and initiatives in disadvantaged areas of Malaga, especially with public schools but also through actions that have nothing to do with training. formal but they serve as a complement to help families.

When we work with the students in public schools, we realize that many of the deficiencies have to do with their own families. For this reason, we undertake initiatives to help parents in their search for employment, counseling for families who are immigrants, and others, we promote actions that have to do with social diversity and equal opportunities, which is the objective of Incide.

-What is your work in the association and why did you decide to work here?

-I had an office as a lawyer in Torremolinos and they asked us to collaborate, as it was the period of great regulations in Spain.  A colleague, Patricia Chamizo, and I began to collaborate and we were like that for several years. It was a complex period. Note that maybe 150 people a day served … it started at nine in the morning and ended at eleven at night …

Then I left the office and started working as a job counselor at Incide through the Andalucía Orienta program with people at risk of social exclusion. Although, in reality, when you work and commit to an NGO, you end up doing a bit of everything.  Nowadays, I coordinate projects  together with other colleagues and I also carry out communication.

-What are Incide’s objectives?

-The main objective of Incide is to achieve equal opportunities for all people. Facilitate the social inclusion of vulnerable people, people who live in disadvantaged areas, the prison population or former prisoner, people who come from rehabilitation for addictions, those whose economic situation requires that they have support from the minimum vital income, women who have suffered gender violence or young people who come from sheltered centers or who are at risk. 

This would be the most important part of the work within Incide, but we started with education. We fervently support and defend public school and understand that it is the only way to improve  the development of people.

We work from legal advice, the improvement of employability, training for employment,  social inclusion through different projects, legal and psychological advice, female and youth empowerment, social participation and a line perhaps less known: political advocacy. We are present in the debate and discussion forums on the political situation, trying to make public administrations see those elements that need to be changed at the legal level.

-What projects have you developed or are currently developing?

-The reality ofIncide has led us to different projects. We have undertaken actions to facilitate access to educational reinforcement for children from disadvantaged families and we have worked on the issue of absenteeism, which led us to a support program for the public school with morning classroom activities and accompaniment of minors to help in the work-life balance and also to promote the development of values ​​in childhood.

These families have undergone job placement programs such as cooking courses through Laboris Andalusí, which trains students as kitchen helpers. Many people, who had neither training nor integration possibilities, have acquired excellent training and have also done internships in companies.

This program has reported an employability success of 70%. It is financed by the social purposes of the personal income tax managed by the Junta de Andalucía, it aims to qualify in labor competencies and carry out professional practices that favor said training. To do this, we complement the itineraries with knowledge such as Occupational Risk Prevention, High Risk Food Handling, Digital Literacy and job orientation.

In terms of equality, we have also detected that many users arrived with serious self-esteem problems or  problems derived from having suffered gender-based violence. That is why we developed a multi-award winning program: Count on me. In it, we have worked with women survivors of gender violence so that they can accompany other women who are suffering gender violence. 

With Caixa con la Infancia we are serving more than 400 families. This program aims to break the cycle of poverty with an intervention in children and young people by providing support to their families so that they have school, psychological, speech therapy support … everything they may need to continue with their studies and also not suffer any type of discrimination. These boys advance in their studies and in many cases with great success. We have several who are studying Medicine, for example.

-They also offer advisory work, can you tell us what it consists of?

-We offer active job search tools, that is, from preparing a resume, a cover letter, where to apply for a job,  how to do a job interview and how to do job searches through social networks. We have been doing this work for 20 years and we are a benchmark entity because we complement these actions with others that are essential to find  employment, such as social or pre-work skills, time organization, how to keep an agenda, self-esteem,  resources for transport…

-Incide has a main headquarters but it also has auxiliary offices, such as in Góngora, where you can use computers …

-Although the headquarters of Incide is in Carrión,  it has locations throughout Málaga. In the province we act in schools. At the Góngora location we have the employability base and there is a self-orientation unit. You can have computers with a counselor who will guide you. We also have CAPI (Public Internet Access Centers) where you can work on computers for free use and also a social innovation  agent is supporting and guiding.

-How can people who need help get in touch with Incide?

-We have telephones by headquarters (all in this link) and you can also contact through the web.

-How are citizens encouraged to participate and be active in society?

-Incide is not a welfare entity but we are a transforming entity. What we intend is to facilitate social change within the territories and the dynamization of people so that by themselves they can access public spaces and claim their rights and duties. On the one hand, we have generated citizen participation by supporting the creation of associations of different kinds and we provide consulting and support to existing ones. We also generate assemblies  and groups where we know the needs of the neighborhoods and we advise them where they can go to claim or claim. Ultimately, we try to get people to go outside their territories and make themselves heard.

-What projects do you have for the new year?

-Now we are in a period of change. New projects  are entering us that will be developed in line with those that are already active. We have confirmation from several schools that other morning classrooms have asked us for specific training in gender violence prevention and emotional intelligence. 

Projects for the renewal of actions related to employability and empowerment do not come at all. We are also going to take up a line that we have not touched on for a long time, such as international cooperation through development education with countries such as Morocco, Honduras or Ecuador. We also foresee, through Eramus, youth mobility projects.

We cannot forget working with older people. We have created a program Count on me for older peoplewith the same philosophy as the one we develop with abused women. Seniors will accompany others. We enter the new year with new lines of action and all aimed at expanding our work and reaching more people, not only in Malaga but in other provinces.

How can you collaborate?

-So far we have people who help as volunteers. We have not opened any campaign because we have support from administrations public and private entities, but the companies of the Coast are collaborating altruistically, such as the Benalmádena Cable Car, which with its santa claus  factory is collecting toys for families in need… Support from private companies is growing.  

If you want to collaborate with Incide you can access through this link

If you need to contact Incide: Addresses and Telephone Numbers



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