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In commemoration of International Women’s Day

Direction: Gracia Querejeta

Year: 2020

Duration: 80 min.

Country: Spain

Cast: Emma Suárez, Adriana Olores, Nathalie Poza, Blanca Portillo, Fernando Cayo, Pedro Casablanc, Francisca Horcajo

Script: Santos Mercero, Gracia Querejeta

Genre: Drama | Friendship

Music: Federico Jusid

Photography : Juan Carlos Gómez

Producer: Nephilim Producciones, Orange Films, RTVE

Distributor in Spain : Wanda Films

Premiere in Spain: March 6, 2020


The story reflects the life of Julia, Elsa and Amelia, three friends who one day decided to start walking together once a week. What started out as a mere distraction and a form of exercise has now become a necessity. Because these walks also help them to be informed of what is happening to each one of them. Little by little they will discover that friendship is not always idyllic, that in friendship secrets are also kept and lies are resorted to.


“A nice production, small and modest, shot with an intelligent minimalism that gives all the protagonism to the aforementioned dialogues and the three superlative actresses. A very personal female gaze. Also a strong background is that of the most credible friendship ‘Invisibles’ shows us the most vindictive Querejeta”

‘Invisibles’, in the words of Gracia Querejeta, its screenwriter and director, “launches a series of questions without taking the answers for granted, as if the objective were more to propose a debate than to establish a chair. It also reflects on important issues for women, such as the ancestral obligation to procreate or the difficulties that our current life poses in the world of couples.These issues make up the social dimension of the story, together with others as contemporary as depression, the fear of loneliness or simply the fear of turn years”.

Because, in short,“the central theme of this project is the passage of time; more specifically, the experience of the passage of time in the bodies and heads of three women who are or are over fifty.”

It could be said that ‘Invisibles’ is a walk without a beginning and without an end during which a lot is talked about, almost all the time. There is a beginning even if it is not such, as there is an end that is not either. ‘Invisibles’ is more the representation of a state of mind than a story, strictly speaking. A film subordinated to a moment before a plot, suggested more than shown in what is clearly very much at the expense of the work of its protagonists, so experienced in the matter as to solve the ballot with remarkable solvency.

Those little things that day by day, year by year shape our humble existence as something more than a Social Security number. Things that although at the time they may seem, simulate or appear important, over time they become little less than as “invisible” as a drop of water in an ocean of which, in any case, they continue to be a part. This is Gracia Querejeta’s latest film, something like the 10,000 steps a day that won’t change our world, but will help us to be at peace with it for a while.

Next screening: : March 17, 2022

QUEEN OF HEARTS by May el-Toukhy (v.o.s.e.)

Annie is a successful lawyer living in a modernist style house with her two daughters and her husband Peter, a renowned physicist. The appearance of Gustav, a son who belongs to a previous relationship of Peter, turns upside down the harmony that reigns in Annie’s life.



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