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Javier Gaspar, the benalmadense businessman for whom “sharing is living”

The benalmadense businessman Javier Gaspar has revolutionized the concept of solidarity in the business sector, taking it to the last consequences with his social gastrobar La Vida es Bella, that fully reverts its profits to humanitarian causes dedicated to the children’s sector. And in which, in addition, a person without resources can be invited to a lunch and / or a coffee, through the initiative outstanding menu and coffee.

However, the exclusive social gastrobar in Spain is not the only altruistic project led by the Benalmadense. In fact, it could be said that his ingenuity reaches unthinkable heights, sprinkling different disciplines with the common link of the search for funds to reach out to those who need it most.  

With this idea in mind, Gaspar, in addition to allocating part of the profits from his businesses – mainly focused on the real estate world – to non-profit associations, has also written a book, paints pictures, is immersed in a poems, a playand a documentary series -and surely we will leave some more activity in the pipeline- to raise money and use it for charitable causes. His biggest dream, as he confesses, “is to achieve the ten million euros they would need to create a pavilion dedicated to childhood oncology for the Andrés Olivares Foundation  (which helps families with children with cancer) ”. 

But, what goes through the mind of an entrepreneur to invest his energy and money in creating unique projects in order to raise funds for the most vulnerable 365 days a year? The answer is complicated… although what we are clear about after meeting Javier Gaspar is that he has an amazing desire to help others. It is, to put it in a nutshell, a vital necessity.  

He lived a childhood and youth marked by continuous work, since from a very young age he began to work in the restaurant that his parents had in Benalmádena. He comments that “I was doing very well in my studies and I wanted to be an architect, but my father set up a bar and I had to help. That’s how I’ve been working all my life ”.  

When he returned from the military, he explained that after renting the place where the family bar was and acquiring another one, he trained in the financial field and began to work fully in this sector, which has resulted in numerous successes during these years of entrepreneurship. Gaspar, a close and smiling man, with a restless and persevering personality, has never stopped his academic training and even today he gives conferences and talks for the business community, both inside and outside the country. 

Although he has always dedicated part of the income of his companies to charitable causes – this year he was awarded by the Inmosolidarios Awards 2021 whose prize of 3,000 euros he donated to Cáritas – he explains to Ole Benalmádena that “not long ago I went through a process of personal encounter and, among other things, I realized that if my family and I had enough to live, it was time to start giving to those who need it most at the maximum level to which could arrive as an entrepreneur and as a human being ”. 

At this point, his book12 + 1 Faroswas born, a writing that “searches for sailors lost in the ocean of life, who, immersed in the darkness of vicissitudes, cannot find their way”. Based on a method devised by the Benalmadense himself, which helped him overcome a personal crisis in which he was immersed some time ago and from which he managed to emerge reinforced, with an overflowing positivism that infects everyone who crosses his path . 

With thousands of sales already under its belt, the benefits of this bookare destined to childhood oncology, which is one of the causes that focuses the solidarity struggle of the businessman.

At the same time, it has also given life to GaspART Arte Solidario, the art gallery of paintings created by Javier himself, who has proven to be a prolific plastic artist and who, how could it be otherwise, also have an altruistic purpose. At present, the businessman is immersed in several other projects, such as the edition of a collection of poems and the sponsorship of a theatrical work to add more income with which to be able to face the demands of different associations focused especially on children. and to non-profit projects aimed at improving the quality of life of the little ones and of groups with different needs.

It is true that it is difficult to understand solidarity with the intensity that Javier Gaspar does, whose surname for many non-profit organizations is a reflection of the spirit of himself. Wise King of the East, but as he himself indicates, “between allof us, each one putting their grain of sand with what they can, we can make our society a fairer and better society“, because what the Benalmadan businessman has very clear in his life is that:”To share is to live”.



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