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Jiménez: “We must move towards a formative football, free of physical and verbal violence”

The mayor, Víctor Navas; and the Councilor for Sports, Joaquín Villazón, have had a meeting with Ángel Andrés Jiménez, known as the Referee of Peace for his fierce defense of fair play and positive values ​​such as honesty in the context of grassroots football.

The mayor has expressed his satisfaction at receiving the Peace Referee, and has highlighted the importance of his value in promoting the education of values ​​within grassroots football. “Grassroots football cannot be reduced to a gladiatorial competition, but rather be understood as a place of learning, in which athletes can compete without losing respect, and that is the philosophy that Ángel Andrés Jiménez tries to instill in young players to through his work with Platform 090 ”, he highlighted.

In this sense, he stressed that “it is a very noble task that all administrations should support and disseminate, and that is why today we want to give our support and recognition to his work, in addition to encouraging him to continue working in this line.”

“Receiving Ángel Jiménez today is an honor because he is fighting to ensure that football favors a good education and training: we know that his fight is hard because he encounters many obstacles, although it should be the other way around,” said the Sports Councilor, who has underlined the full support for his work by the City Council.

For his part, Jiménez has pointed out that “the recent virality of some videos with the messages that we try to spread contributes to moving towards a formative football, free of physical and verbal violence, and in which children can have fun.”

“From Platform 090, with which I collaborate, we try to create the conditions so that the children can have fun with footballand train at the same time, based on two initiatives: the ‘VAR’ of the fans (see, encourage and respect)and the ‘VAR’ of honesty, which is trying to instill in the boys this value and respect for oneself, the referee and the adversary ”, the referee has detailed.

Edgar Illa, from Platform 090, also participated in the meeting. “This is a project of the Sports Area of ​​the Malaga City Council whose main objective is to eradicate violence in grassroots football, and we currently work with 33 clubs in the capital of the province,” he explained.



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