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Jorge Perugorría takes ‘La Niña de Benalmádena’ to Havana

The International Short Film and Alternative Cinema Festival of Benalmádena (Ficcab) once again surprised and moved us last night at its opening gala. It is difficult to explain the feeling that emanates from an environment in which a deep admiration of the seventh art is breathed and which also manages to unite so many people in the same place. The House of Culture does not roll out a red carpet, although in these three days that the Festival lasts, the best-known and most distinguished faces of the big screen pass through it. In its assembly hall, short films from different parts of the globe are screened for citizens and films of those, for many unknown, and that shine here in Benalmádena where there is a demanding public, hardened for almost half, I follow the banner left by the Benalmádena International Author Film Week (Sicab), that went beyond the merely cinematographic to place Benalmádena on the map of culture and the most restless cinephilia on the international scene.

Cuban actor and director Jorge Perugorría was awarded last night for his professional career with the International City of Benalmádena Award, an award previously collected by illustrious personalities such as Guillermo del Toro or Ken Loach. Known for such prominent roles as BambolaCosas que dejé en la Habana, the recently released series Doctor Portuondo o Fresa y chocolate, a film that launched him to fame and was screened at the end of the gala, and in reference to which, the winner reflected that “seeing the events and hate speech experienced in society, it is a shame that 30 years after the film let us be further away from that final embrace that Diego and David give each other, which is a symbol of reconciliation. I think the only way there is is that: to respect differences. “

Perugorría dedicated La Niña de Benalmádena to his wife, Elsa María Lafuente, to whom he dedicated words full of affection and of whom he highlighted the years they have been together, since they met through the love of shared performing art, when they were just children. Thus, the actor highlighted “that we studied together, and together we started doing theater and since then, we have remained united. Thanks to you and your company, I am here because you are fundamental in my life and in my profession ”.  

The Cuban actor also highlighted the importance of Ficcab, and that “there is political will to support culture.” He insisted that cinema is a collective art, “and, therefore, all those with whom I worked from a young age, today are also part of this recognition that they make me in Benalmádena for my professional career”, he added.

Perugorría recalled that in 1995 he was in Colombia shooting the film Edipo Alcade –Written by García Márquez- with Paco Rabal, and “in the filming we were with a battalion of men taking care of us because the guerrillas, the paramilitaries were there… we were on a mountain and Paco was with an oxygen balloon, because he was already ill, and he told me: Jorge, in this profession of ours, it never ends. And I think that is the case and I hope that this recognition of my career is to continue workingon what I love: cinema ”.

The actor announced that they are preparing for next year a second part of The Four Seasons in Havana, a television miniseries of detective fiction  set in La Habana de from the 90s It is an adaptation of four detective novels  from the writer Leonardo Padura, who is also the author of the script along with his wife, the writer and screenwriter Lucía López Coll.

He also reported that, among his most immediate plans, is the filming of a movie in the Dominican Republic and next year, after two suspension due to the pandemic, he will resume the Gibara International Film Festival, which is known as Cine Pobre.

Although he confessed that he thinks that “these awards come to me because I am getting old”, he did not hesitate to affirm that “he loves cinema as when he was a child.” In fact, the Cuban highlighted that “cinema is commitment, it allows us to reflect on our realities and others different from ours, and it also allows us to dream.”  And he ended with an applause: “Long live the cinema! Long live the Ficcab!”.

For his part, the mayor, Víctor Navas, who praised Perugorría’s professional career, highlighted that “due to his personality, programming, quality and fame of his honorees, the drive and enthusiasm of the organizing team, the Ficcab is one of the festivals with the greatest future projection “, and stressed that he turns twenty years “more alive and strong than ever, thanks to his human team”.

The Councilor for Culture, Pablo Centella, also took a few minutes to remember the disappeared Sicab, which, he said, “brought the world closer to Benalmádena and Benalmádena to the world with its freedom.” Centella stressed that “thanks to the Ficcab, the city has become a cultural benchmark on the Costa del Sol.”

During the opening gala, enlivened and presented by the magician and comedian Karim – who elicited the laughter of the public with his numbers and occurrences – there was also a moment for the recognition of people within the political and cultural sphere who have always been at the foot of the cannon with the Ficcab, such as the former mayor of Commerce, Bernardo Jiménez and former Councilor for Culture, Elena Galán, among others.

Today, Rafatal receives the Cortoman Award

Today Friday begins the screening of the official section of Short Films, where 22 short films from all over the world participate, selected from among the more than 1000 received. Thus, jobs can be viewed from Brasil, Francia, Holanda, Cuba y España, with short films directed by teachers such as Carlos Saura or Gonzalo Suarez, and interpreted by Alexandra Jiménez, Fele Martínez or some of the protagonists of La casa de papel.

This projection is joined by the sample of Portuguese short film , organized together with the Portuguese Short Film Agency. Already at 9:00 p.m., the person in charge of receiving your award will be  Rafael Robles, best known for  Rafatal, what will the Cortoman Award, where the trajectory of those people or entities within the world of short film is recognized. Later his latest work will be screened, Una isla en el desierto, a documentary that reflects how the Costa del Sol became an oasis of freedom in a Spain under the dictatorship, thanks to cinema, music, painting and architecture.

On  Saturday,  a new sample  ofshort films will begin, in this case from the  Gibara Film Festival (Cuba), and where Jorge Perugorría acts as director, to continue with a new ration of short films from the official section of the   Ficcab.

At 21 hours  star the Closing Gala with the awards ceremony for the short film competition – highlight the award  Mejor Cortometraje malagueño, sponsored by the Cine club Más Mádera– and the delivery of the Premio Dirección Ciudad de Benalmádena a Carlos Iglesias, actor and film director as Un franco, catorce pesetas or Ispansi,the film chosen to close the festival. This gala will be presented by the comedians Paco Calavera and Kikín Fernández.



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