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Josué Bonnin de Góngora opens the ‘Classical Nights’ cycle on Tuesday with a piano concert

The Councilor for Culture, Pablo Centella, presented this morning the second season of the Noches de Clásica cycle, which will start next Tuesday, March 28 at 8:00 p.m. in the El Bil-Bil Castle with a recital by Josué Bonnin de Góngora entitled Evocations for piano.

This composer has won numerous awards such as the National Prize for Living Culture or the World Prize for Artistic Excellence and, in addition, he is currently still working on his work Suite Benalmádena, inspired by our municipality and which will act as an ambassador in the classical music circuits.

The next appointment will be on April 25 with a piano and voice concert, and in May the Trio Arbós will return. The second season of classical nights will continue to be held the last Tuesday of each month: in March, April and May at El Bil-Bil Castle; with a break in summer since classical music is guaranteed a space in Street culture; and it will be resumed in September, October and November with the celebration of larger format concerts in the Casa de la Cultura, to conclude with the already traditional Christmas Concert.

In the words of Centella, “we had an outstanding debt with classical music in Benalmádena, since to enjoy this genre the public had to travel to other locations, but in recent years we have managed to make it possible to attend recitals of this type of music without leaving the municipality.



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