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Last weekend to visit the exhibition ’50 years of Light and Color ‘by Pablo Rodríguez Guy

Tomorrow Sunday, December 12, the exhibition of the artist Pablo Rodríguez Guy50 years of Light and Color closes at the Benalmádena Exhibition Center.

Pablo Rodríguez Guy is an enormously vital and enthusiastic multidisciplinary visual artist, not only with art but with life in general. Qualities that are reflected through works in which color and the successful use of lines go hand in hand to create an intimate space in which the soul moves freely. A tireless researcher, he incorporates all kinds of materials and the most diverse techniques into his creations.

50 years of Light and Color,is an exhibition with which the painter wants to “celebrate life” and entertain us with a feast of color, works in various formats and techniques, as an introspective overview of his artistic universe. This exhibition is presented as “the pages of a story that fly in time towards infinity … like a love letter” that aims to flood the spirit of those who visit it with light, color and life.

Since it was inaugurated last June, a series of activities have been carried out around the exhibition, such as guided tours, demonstrations and free workshops on the techniques used, carried out by the artist himself. The participants in these workshops have been able to learn the techniques to make artistic works with recycled paper, they have begun to intaglio engraving and have also deepened in relief engraving or tracing, a technique widely used by Rodríguez Guyin his works and on which he has focused part of his artistic research.

Rodríguez Guy  has carried out around 150 individual exhibitions and as many collective exhibitions  in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Iceland, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Canada, Cuba, the United States, Japan, the Dominican Republic, Taiwan and China.

Hisprolific artistic career has been awarded 90 awards and medals in painting, engraving and watercolor competitions, both inside and outside the country.

In fact, last weekend he received an emotional tribute in the town of Santa Elena, in Jaén, where the painter and sculptor lived the first ten years of his life.

The City Council of this town proceeded to place a plaque on the house where he spent his childhood and an Exhibition Hall was also inaugurated in Santa Elena with his name. At the same time, the painter’s neighbors were able to enjoy his exhibition 70 years of Light-Return to the Origin, which can be visited in this town of Jaén.



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