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Latest results of the Table Tennis leagues and the classification of all our teams

We offer you the results of the matches played these days in the different Table Tennis categories and leagues, in which our teams from Benalmádena participate. Starting from the quarry to the teams that compete in the Andalusian League, according to the Benalmádena Table Tennis Club, the results have been the following:

Provincial Table Tennis League. Second Provincial Category 

Benalmádena has a team in this category (Children and Youth): the Yellow Submarine TM, which is made up of Tomás, Javier, Toni and Juanma.

On Saturday morning, they made an almost perfect competition in the Rincón de la Victoria. The team won all their matches(4), with very very difficult rivals.

Juanma Úbeda continues to lead this team masterfully, playing a very solid game. They won all their games again on Saturday, making the team consolidate at the top of the group and giving them a chance to enter the final phase of the fight for the provincial championship of the category.

From the Club they stated that “we are very proud of our academy, Juanma and Toni as veterans at theClub, and Javier and Tomás who are learning a lot and contributing everything they have to the team”.

They also wanted to thank “the parents and relatives always willing to get up early, and wait patiently, what would the clubs do without them”, as well as Neumáticos Béjar “the support for the quarry of the Benalmádena Table Tennis Club“.

Andalusian Leagues. Andalusian Division of Honor, Group 4

CTM Benalmádena Brilla received CTM Salduba on Saturday at 5:00 p.m., where our players fought until the end in a beautiful match where we were finally defeated 2-4.

Juanma (2), Toni (0) and Isa (0). To highlight another spectacular performance by the team leader, Juanma Úbeda has taken the weight of the team, “he is enjoying himself in this category and the training sessions are giving the results”.

We finished the first round hoping to recover a game with CTM El Palo, no matter what happens in that game “we are very happy with this team where the objective was to continue gaining experience and for the players to win an individual game and little else, but They have come to the top in an incredible way, adding several victories and several draws and being consolidated in the middle of the classification, something unthinkable at the beginning of the season”, indicates the Clubthat also highlights that “the hand of coach Miguel Tortosa Rueda is very noticeable because we are all improving a lot, little by little and without realizing it, come on, we don’t even believe it”.

Regarding the Puerto Deportivo Benalmádena, it was requested to postpone this day due to two casualties in the team, being accepted by the opposing team CTM Fuengirola and communicated to the Andalusian Table Tennis Federation (FATM).

Andalusian Leagues. Andalusian Super Division, group 3

On Thursday our CTM Benalmádena Brilla team traveled to CTM El Palo‘s house to play a game that was delayed from last day.

They got agood victory, very hard fought despite what it may seem for the final 1-5. Fernando Vázquez (2), Miguel Tortosa (2) and Alberto González (1). “We are very happy for Pablo Alberto, because he is training very well and the results in the league did not reflect the progression in his game that he is having, keep in mind this player who will give a lot of trouble in the second round”, they point out from the Club.

On Saturday afternoon, CTM Benalmádena Brilla received CTM Rincón de la Victoria at home, where our team won another 5-1 victory. Fernando González (2), Pablo Alberto (2) and Fernando Vázquez (1).

The Club wanted to congratulate everyone but especially Pablo Alberto: “I have to highlight him because he deserves it, he is working very well and now with a new weapon and having scored points, the deserved results will begin to arrive”, they indicated.

CTM Benalmádena Brilla finishes the first round in an unbeatable way, moving away from the relegation places and placing himself in the quiet zone of classification, “we have to keep fighting and fight in the second round, Eddy marked the way for you, and although he is already in Belgium, you have to follow his fighting character until the end . The recovery of Jesús Vergara is being slow, and we will hardly be able to count on him this  season, but we do not lose hope that our slugger will join the team to burst more than one ball”, comments the Club.

Neumáticos Béjar Benalmádena traveled to the neighboring town of Fuengirola, to play on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. with CTM Fuengirola A. Where our team got a comfortable victory by 1-5. Miguel (2), Alberto (2) and Manu (1).

From the Club they emphasize that Alberto and Miguel “are players of another level, despite the little they train they continue to achieve comfortable victories”.

Fuengirola played very well, Diego and Matthew managed to make a game of these beasts, which is not easy, and they saw very nice games. Manu played a good match with Matthew, who he managed to win 3-0, with spectacular topspins both forehands and backhands, we are very proud of his progress because he is working hard, changing a lot of gestures and positions, the best is yet to come.

After the first round, waiting for a postponed match with CTM El Palo, the team is consolidated with options to play the group promotion league, which is the objective this season. “With the arrival of Miguel and Alberto to the team, the objective cannot be other than promotion, then the games will put us in our place”, comments the Club.





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