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Laura Tome, from Benalmádena, European Taekwondo champion

The six athletes from the martial arts school ‘Doyang Center’ in Benalmádena, who are part of the Spanish team at the European Taekwondo Championships in La Nucía, are leaving in the name of the city very high. For now, the young Laura Tome brings a gold medal to Benalmádena for having managed to lead the podium and become European champion.

As this media has learned, Tome has won five rounds, beating Finland on the mat in the semifinals and the Netherlands in the final. He also managed to defeat England and Poland, previously. Two other Benalmadenses –Adrián Pérez and Valeria Pol- beat their rivals until the quarterfinals, where they failed, despite their excellent intervention, to clinch victory.

The championship continues until November 28, so the members of the martial arts school‘Doyang Center’ of Benalmádena still have the possibility of returning home with another medal under their belt.

Yesterday, the 23rd, the Opening Ceremony of the European Taekwondo was held, in which Coos Van Den Heuvel, president of the All European Taekwon-Do, Francisco Ferrando, president of FEST and Bernabé Cano, mayor of La Nucía participated. There was also Tomaz Barada, vice president of the Slovenian Olympic Committee and former world champion of Taekwondo and Kick Boxing, considered one of the best competitors in the history of ITF Taekwon-Do.

After the speeches, the traditional parade of nations was held, where a representation from each of the 29 countries participating in this championship signed on the 5 competition tapestries on the central court of the Camilo Cano Municipal Pavilion. 

The competition began today, Wednesday, November 24, and will run until Sunday, November 28, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the modalities of: combat, forms, teams, jumps and power. The entire competition takes place in the Camilo Cano Pavilion in La Nucía, while the Muixara Pavilion will be used for training.



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