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Local government, businessmen and neighbors meet to transform Solymar

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas; the Councilor for Town Planning, María Isabel Ruiz; the Councilor for Security, Javier Marín; and the Councilor for Roads and Works, Joaquín Villazón, held a meeting today with residents and businessmen from Plaza Solymar, to inform them about the urban transformation process planned by the municipal government for this area of Benalmádena Costa.

“All the social agents with a presence in the Solymar square have participated in the meeting: neighbors, representatives of the technology hub and owners of nightlife venues in the area”, detailed the mayor.

“We have delved into the details of the urban transformation of the Solymar square, which is why we have already held several meetings, although today has been one of the most fruitful”, Navas has assessed.

The mayor has commented that there is a lot of interest from all the agents involved to know what will happen to the Solymar square, a nightlife environment that lived its best moments in the 70s, 80s and 90s, but that a long time ago It lost that splendor of yesteryear, “which is why the residents of the area ask us for a transformation that is appropriate to the enormous possibilities of the area, and we are working on it.”

“We are currently looking for opportunities that allow us to address this process of urban transformation without entailing an economic loss for the current owners of commercial premises in the square, or harming the environment,” Navas clarified.

In this sense, the mayor stated that “I have conveyed the message to the social agents who have participated in the meeting today that they should not see the urban transformation of Plaza Solymar as a threat, but rather as an opportunity.”

“From the municipal government, one of the lines of action that we continue to develop is the transformation of the Solymar square into a large business center, whose outpost was the opening four years ago of the hub technology of Solymar, which currently employs more than 2,400 people, and whose opening involved an investment of 20 million euros”, Navas announced.

He commented that “we have the possibility of continuing to transform this environment, with initiatives such as the future opening of a new business incubator, including the Edusi in Benalmádena, to turn this place into a business center, with all that this implies in terms of to the generation of wealth and employment”.

“It is necessary to provide the necessary impetus to address the transformation that Solymar needs, because we do not want time to pass and the image of this nightlife area to deteriorate further,” Navas concluded.



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