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Local Police alert of a fraud to the elderly through phone calls

The Local Police has alerted about an alleged fraud crime, perpetrated through telephone calls. Thus, as reported by the area councilor, Javier Marín, it seems that using hidden numbers, the alleged criminals have been calling, especially older people, posing as agents of the Local Police“to tell them that a relative was in the headquarterswith a wound in the mouth that prevented him from calling directly ”.

Although for the moment, agents local authorities state that it has not been detected that the attempted fraud went any further, since counterpart security forces from neighboring municipalities have detected “some cases in which it was even stated that a relative was detained, requesting the victims a disbursement economic as surety ”.

For this reason, Marín has recommended to the public that “in case of receiving a call of this type, immediately inform the agents of theLocal Police through the telephone number 092“.



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