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Local schools compete to see which recycles the most glass

The Councilor for the Environment, Joaquín Villazón; the RSU councilor, Juan Carrillo; the Ecovidrio area manager, Jesús Gutiérrez; and the director of Green Globes Sustainability and Environmental Projects, Javier Pedraza, presented the campaign this morning The Peque Recicladores, organized by Ecovidrio, -a non-profit entity in charge of managing the recycling of glass container waste deposited in containers throughout Spain-, and the Benalmádena City Council, aimed at students from all schools in the municipality.

“This is a school awareness campaign that will be developed through healthy competition so that students become aware of the importance of recycling glass container waste and caring for the environment,” explained the Councilor for the Environment.

For its launch, which begins today and will run until December 15, each educational center will receive three 120-liter buckets to collect the maximum amount of glass possible during this innovative awareness campaign.

In addition, awareness talks will be held in the primary classes of the participating centers, an activity designed in a practical and dynamic way in which students compete in a question and answer contest using interactive buttons, Jesús Gutiérrez has detailed.

“At the end of the campaign, the three schools that manage to collect the most glass and that have a better average of correct answers in the question and answer game that take place in the awareness-raising talks in the classroom ”, Javier Pedraza has advanced.

Glass recycling data in Benalmádena

According to the latest available data for 2020, the citizens of Benalmádena recycled a total of 1,368,920 kilograms of glass containers. This means that each citizen  recycled an average of 19.8 kilograms of glass (equivalent to about 68 containers). 

Regarding the containerization rate,Benalmádena has an average of 212 inhabitants per container, currently having a total of 326 igloos for glass container waste installed throughout the town.

The glass that is deposited in the containers is recycled 100% and is used for the manufacture of new containers, indefinitely and without losing its original properties. By recycling glass we avoid the growth of landfills. Recycling glass is a key element in the fight against climate change. By using calcine – recycled glass – in the manufacture of new containers, the extraction of raw materials from nature is avoided, avoiding soil erosion and deforestation of our surroundings. Furthermore, CO2 emission in the manufacturing process is minimized and energy is saved.



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