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Los Tres Pintores hotel complex in Benalmádena Costa has been evicted

This morning, by court order,the residents who lived in the Los Tres Pintores hotel complex(Goya, Velázquez and El Greco) in Benalmádena Costa were evicted. This private property has been in a state of abandonment for years – it has been closed since 2008-, a circumstance that had generated an unhealthy situation and risk of fire in the environment that has been repeatedly denounced by residents of the area.

This hotel complex is a private property that is not the responsibility of the local Administration, but, as explained by the mayor, Víctor Navas, “we asked the court to intervene by ordering the eviction in order to meet the demand of the residents of the area, concerned about the unhealthy conditions and risks to the environment caused by this situation ”.

The first mayor recalled that the eviction is preceded by years of previous work by the City Council, which has led to up to three actions of Operational Services, with a total cost of 60,000 euros, to collect waste from the environment and proceed to close the access, in addition to constant visits from Social Services to assess the situation of each resident, and Local Police officers to proceed with their identification.

Faced with the neighborhood complaints, the local Administration has presented the reports of insanitary conditions and the risk of fire in the buildings of the complex that have supported today’s eviction. “All this conscientious previous work by the City Council has made it possible to present a file before the court that has facilitated the eviction to take place today with all the legal guarantees,” Navas stressed.

Intervention plan

On the other hand, Navas has advanced that “we have approved an emergency contract with the Red Cross for the development of a socio-labor intervention plan to cover the housing, health and food needs of the residents.”

In this sense, it has indicated that “in addition to guaranteeing and recovering health and safety in the environment, thanks to this plan we offer a social response to the situation of extreme vulnerability of the residents.”

This action plan will provide all residents with accommodation for a period of six months, in addition to providing them with the resources to find a job that facilitates their social reintegration and find a permanent housing alternative, as explained by the Councilor for Social Welfare, Alicia Laddaga.

In today’s action the Local Police, Firefighters, Operational Services, Social Services and health agents have participated. The residents have undergone the relevant tests for Covid, hepatitis and AIDS. Those who test positive for Covid will be housed in apartments rented by the Red Cross to facilitate the mandatory confinement.

After the eviction of the complex, the court obliges the current property to proceed with the complete enclosure of all the buildings and to maintain a private surveillance that prevents new occupations.



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