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Luis Melero reviews the 96 years of the prestigious Litoral Magazine at the Ateneo Libre

The Ateneo Libre de Benalmádenawill offer this Wednesdaya new conference in which the teacher and predoctoral researcher in the Department of Spanish, Italian, Romance Philology, Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature of the University of Malaga, Luis Melero Mascareñas will speak on the Yesterday and today of the Revista Litoral, founded in Malaga in 1926 by Emilio Prados and Manuel Altolaguirre, who were joined by José María Hinojosa, is one of the most prestigious cultural and artistic magazines in Spanish.

The event will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the meeting room on the upper floor of theHouse of Culture and admission is free until full capacity is reached.

According to Melero, among the magazines of the twenties, “Litoralwas undoubtedly the one that brought together prose writers, poets, cartoonists and typographers to a greater extent around a specific poetic core, an avant-garde literary magazine that featured and crystallized the most valuable creators of what was to be the new Spanish culture. ”.

On the other hand, in the official blog of the Ateneo Libre de Benalmádena you can access the Benaltertulias, articles on a variety of topics written by specialists from different areas of knowledge. The last one they have published is titled Praise of Professor Negrin from the president of this group, Jesús Lobillo Ríos.

Agenda until June

May 4: Yesterday and today from Litoral magazine by Luis Melero Mascareñas, graduate in History of Art at UMA

May 11: Adventures and misadventures of a molecular explorer by Francisca Sánchez Jiménez, professor of Molecular Biochemistry at UMA

May 18: Radio broadcasts and women during the Franco regime by Sergio Blanco Fajardo, Doctor of History at UMA

May 25: Feminine gender and inclusive language?: a very long story by Pilar López Mora, PhD in Hispanic Philology at UMA

June 1: China-Spain. Spain-China. A millennial relationship by Jesús Majada Neila, Doctor of Philosophy at UMA

June 8: Ignacio Sánchez Mejías and the Generation of 27 by Concepción Torres Leiva, teacher (UMA)

June 15: Summary and conclusions 2021-22 and presentation 2022-23



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