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Merchants report to the commissioner the problem of illegal street vending in Benalmádena Costa

The commissioner of National Police in Benalmádena and Torremolinos, Antonio de Haro, has visited the headquarters of the Association of Merchants and Entrepreneurs of Benalmádena (ACEB) and the Benalmádena Open Commercial Center Association (ACCAB), in  a meeting in which the president of ACEB, Rosa María González Rubia, the president of ACCAB, Jesús Fortes, and the treasurer of both associations, Raúl Recio, were present.

At this meeting, the heads of the business groups have conveyed to the commissioner the concerns and problems around various issues, focusing on the illegal street vending that occurs especially in the summer season on the seafront and in the Marina , as well as in the security of the surroundings of the Solymar square. In the same way, both presidents have once again made themselves available to the security forces to collaborate in whatever is necessary and have been doing so far.

For his part, the commissioner has influenced the disposition of the National Police Corps to alleviate the problem of Solymar Square, an environment in which, as he has expressed, police actions are being carried out aimed at eradicating the sale of drugs, avoiding incidents on weekend nights, and even collaborations with labor inspectorates in certain premises. Likewise, he recalled the importance of citizen and collective collaboration to contribute to security, calling 091 if they are aware of any type of incident or possible crime.

In reference to the problem of illegal street vending that worries the business and commercial fabric so much, Antonio de Haro has conveyed to the representatives of ACEB and ACCAB the intention of focusing the actions on the root of the problem, which are the mafias and organizations that in most cases they are behind the people who carry out this type of sale.



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