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More than 300 students from Benalmádena enjoy the cinema thanks to the Cineclub Más Madera

The Cineclub Más Madera, in collaboration with the Department of Culture, has brought together more than 300 students from Benalmádena institutes in the Casa de la Cultura, where they enjoyed the Mediterranean projection, a film that narrates the genesis of the NGO Open Arms, protagonist of the saving of thousands of lives. The numbers speak for themselves and it is a reality that the cinema is gradually penetrating among the youth of the municipality who, thanks to initiatives such as the Cineclub Más Madera can access films and documentaries that are outside the commercial circuit, sometimes encouraging a first contact with an auteur cinema that is not easy to access.

The positive response from educational centers in Benalmádena caused the cultural entity to organizetwo morning sessions of this filmto accommodate all these young people between 14 and 16 years old who attended the appointment with the seventh art.

The cineclub Más Maderaadvanced Ole Benalmádena that “we want reserve each quarter, in morning session, the projection of films that, by their interest responds to the educational and social needsof the moment with the intention of promoting the approach of the young people of Benalmádena to the wonderful and irreplaceable seventh art”.

This cultural group, which has just celebrated its 30th anniversary,holds screenings of original version films every Thursday at the Casa de la Cultura and also collaborates with various groupsfrom the cultural fabric of Benalmadena. In their programming they have combined cinema with live music, they have managed to make celluloid a niche in the Benalmádena Flamenco Week, they promote cineforums in which the Ateneo Libre collaborates, they sponsor the award Best Short Film from Málaga at Ficcab and of course, they don’t forget the most didactic part of the big screen and organize daytime screenings for secondary schools in the city, like the one held last week.

Do you want to know more about the Cineclub Más Madera?:Three decades adding “more wood” to the boilers of transgressive cinema in the original version



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