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More than 64% of the student of ‘Benemplea Incluye’ obtained a job

The students of the last five training itineraries of Project No. 8 Benemplea Includes have received their diplomas and said goodbye to this educational action with a global job placement of 64.29 percent of its participants. Co-financed by the City Council and the European Social Fund, foreseen in the Operational Program for Employment, Training and Education (AP-POEFE), this training project is aimed at local entities in order to favor the insertion of the most vulnerable and unemployed registered people in the SAE.

The most successful training itinerary in terms of the employment of its students has been Cleaning Surfaces and Furniture in Buildings and Premises, in which 92.86 percent found employment. Followed by a percentage of labor insertion of 60 percent is that of Auxiliary Activities of Commerce, while Auxiliary Activities in Nurseries, Gardens and Garden Centers experienced 58.33 percent, that of Basic Operations of Apartments in Accommodation a 57.14 percent and the Bar And Cafeteria Service concluded with a job placement percentage of 53.33 percent.

A large part of the students did not attend the award ceremony as they found themselves in their new job. Cedida Ayto.

As explained by the Councilor for Employment, Joaquín Villazón, “for this City Council, and for the Benalforma technical team, this project has been a challenge. There are never two projects the same, nor is our student body the same, but in this case, overcoming a health crisis, in the middle of the project, finding motivated and excited people with training and improving their skills to obtain a better professional future, It is a great satisfaction for the management, technical and teaching team of AP-POEFE Nº 8 “.

Regarding the labor insertion of these itineraries, the mayor has valued that this summer “the labor market has been reactivated and this has been reflected in the hiring of our students and in the contact that the companies themselves have made with the center to demand profiles related to training itineraries ”.

Likewise, from Benalforma a job prospecting process is carried out to continue supporting the insertion opportunity of its students, and to facilitate access to these professionals for companies. In this sense, Benalforma will start two new itineraries shortly, and they have extended this project until March 2022. “Until the last day our students will be able to count on the support of the counselors and until their final insertion they will be able to count on the Benalforma team of the City Council,” added Villazón.



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