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Municipal campaign to make it easier for foreign residents to update their registration

The Councilor for General Administration, Sergio Torralvo, today announced the launch of a campaign for foreign residents registered in the municipality to update their register, either confirming it or renewing it because, according to the mayor, “many times, they are unaware the legal obligation to update their registration.

According to the councilman, “it is not about capturing new registrants, but trying to ensure that foreign residents who are already registered are not discharged due to non-compliance with the legal obligation, required by the INE, to renew and confirm their status on the register.”

Starting today,you can consult the municipal website “to check if your registry is correct, or you have to update it by confirming or renewing it accordingly”, the councilor reported.

To do this, they must provide their NIE to verify their current situation in the register is correct, or if they have to go to the City Council, or through the electronic office, to carry out the corresponding renewal or confirmation process.

“We want to avoid the withdrawals made by the INE if they have not updated the register correctly, so that make it easier for foreign residents to enjoy the benefits offered by being registered in the municipality, such as the IBI payment bonus, or the card for free use of municipal transport”, the councilor highlighted.

In addition, he announced that from the department of Padrón will send a letter to the various associations of foreign, cultural and religious residents with this information in order to give the greatest dissemination “so that all foreign citizens registered in the municipality can have an easier time carrying out this procedure, bringing the administration closer to them.”

“Everything is aimed atBenalmádena being able to pass the threshold of 75,000 registered inhabitants to thus become a municipality with a large population, obtaining greater shares in the income of other administrations that allow us to continue improving the services we offer to the citizen”, he clarified. Torralvo.

As of January 1, 2022, the census population in Benalmádena amounted to 73,000 inhabitants and, according to the councilor, “by implementing this type of measure in no more than one or two years we could exceed that limit that would make us a municipality with a large population ”.

In January of last year, Benalmádena had a total of 22,160 registered foreign residents. Of these, the largest community is the British, with 3,300 residents, followed by Argentina (2,776) and Morocco (2,491).



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