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Navas highlights the regulatory advances and the medium and long-term planning achieved this legislature

The general secretary of the PSOE of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, has offered a press conference today to highlight the numerous advances in regulatory matters and medium and long-term planning promoted by his municipal government during the last legislature.

“There have been more than 30 regulatory texts approved during this last legislature: issues as relevant as the new ordinance on terraces and nightstands that will allow us to standardize the urban image of commercial areas, the urban protection of the Tivoli land or the prohibition of substandard housing”, highlighted Navas.

“This regulatory effort has also led to the creation of different sectoral and strategic plans for planning the city’s development in the medium and long term: the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (EDUSI) for the modernization and revitalization of our façade coast; the Tourism Sustainability Plan, which will allow the start of work on the Al-Baytar park or the new Maritime Trail; the Tree Management Plan, which will govern the plantations for the next few years; the Plan Against Climate Change, aimed at reducing the carbon footprint; and the Urban Agenda for Benalmádena, the main document that any modern city must have for planning its development and the future capture of European funds”, detailed the general secretary.

“In addition to these strategic city plans, we have launched a framework contract, valued at more than 3 million euros, which will allow the immediate contracting of the construction management and drafting of the technical projects to implement the actions reflected in said strategic plans”, he added.

“And we have also left a surplus of 100 million euros that will be used to implement the strategic plans and, if necessary, expropriate the Tívoli land,” Navas pointed out.

“I offer my collaboration to the future mayor to continue transforming and improving Benalmádena, above political colors, because the important thing is to guarantee the progress of the city”, declared Navas.

“Our government team has worked hard to make Benalmádena a much better city than the one we found when we arrived at the Town Hall in 2015”, the secretary assessed.

“From the opposition we are going to carry out a dignified work, working for and for the citizens, and always reaching out to ensure that this valuable heritage of progress and heritage for Benalmádena is maintained over time”, Navas concluded.



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