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Neighbors take the Coast shouting “No to the single lane”

Neither the threats of rain, nor the bridge of Todos los Santos have been a brake so that hundreds of residents attended today the call made by the Citizen platform not to the single lane for demonstrate against the reduction of vehicular traffic lanes on Avenida Antonio Machado, carried out by the City Council on the occasion of a larger project that aims to remodel the Benalmadena coast with a grant of 10 million euros in European funds, included in the Sustainable Development Strategy (Edusi) for Benalmádena.

Since one lane on Antonio Machado Avenue was reduced at the beginning of summer, drivers have been enduring daily traffic jams and, according to critics, “in what used to take ten minutes, now nobody takes the time of the caravan from you.” The situation of collapse in traffic, experienced more harshly in the summer months due to the influx of national tourism in their vehicles, it seems that this newly released autumn has not given a break to the usual drivers of this road since, according to in this way, “this has become our daily traffic jam to go to work or to shop at Costa because enjoying restaurants or the beach is better than even thinking about it.”

This is the second demonstration organized by the citizen platform, which already has more than 4,000 members, and ensures that “We do not understand how the local government does not see that reducing a lane is not good for or for the environment or for those of us who use this road every day because the continuous retentions produce more accumulations of CO2 and it goes without saying how pissed off the drivers are ”. Likewise, they underline “the serious damagethat the situation we have experienced since the summer supposes for the commercial and business sector in the area because traffic jams are for everyone, including buses and taxisand the latter, for a race that previously charged for less than ten euros, now they have to charge almost 40 ”.

Along the same lines, from the citizen platform they have been showing their concern for safety as “ambulances, policemen and firefighters are also trapped in the single lane without any alternative in case of an emergency.”

For his part, Government team has been defending that “the roadmap set by European funds and municipal technicians is being followed”and therefore, the project “meets the objectives of offering more space to the pedestrian, calm traffic andcreate a new lane for non-polluting vehicles ”. Likewise, the mayor, Víctor Navas, stressed in the last plenary session that “the reduction of one lane in Antonio Machado is included in the thematic objectives of the Edusi strategy”, but neither the neighborhood platform nor the opposition have managed to find “that in the document specifies the reduction of a lane in the entire avenue of Antonio Machado ”.

At the same time, the platform –which has been requesting all the documentation concerning the project through municipal registration for weeks- criticizes that for the use of European funds from the Edusiit is specified that “you must have the approval and supervision of the public, but here we are for the second time Hundreds of benalmadenses shouting that the single lane is unsustainable and they don’t pay any attention to us ”. In fact, in the last plenary session it was clear that”the neighborhood assembly will be constituted once all the projects are selected by the local government, in order to give an account and not to make the citizens participate in the decisions ”, -according to the popular ones-, a statement that, in the opinion of the neighborhood platform, “does not meet the philosophy of the Edusi and that it could compromise the subsidy “, and in case their discomfort did not come to the reduction of roads and the” lack of citizen participation “to the high spheres, the platform has sent certified letters to all organizations and political parties with representation in provincial, national and European management bodies.

The demonstration passed without incident in full collaboration with the agents and security forces and even the The protesters decided to give way to all the urban and interurban buses that circulated along the avenue during the protest because, as they stressed, “they already endure many hours of collapse every day because of the single lane ”.

In short, the members of the neighborhood platform and citizens who in a private capacity today joined the protest on Antonio Machado Avenue They ask the mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, “to take our opinion into account because we are the ones who drive along this avenue every day, the majority to go to work, and give us back the two traffic lanes and with them, our time as we lose every day in traffic jams “. In addition, the neighbors ask that “the 200 palm trees not be touched” that make up the median of the avenue and that they plan to transplant to another location on the occasion of this project .



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