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Neighbors, unions, politicians and associations demand that Renfe replace all Cercanías trains

Crowds of citizens together with members of various political acronyms, unions, environmentalists and associations of different kinds have demonstrated todayin Benalmádena  to demand from Renfe the restitution of commuter trains, which it has eliminated –more than thirty- for the purpose of the lack of machinists.

The almost a hundred people, who have gathered on the esplanade of the Cercanías de Benalmádena, has not missed the opportunity to report that, “while public administrations announce their adherence to green agendas and environmental projects for 2030, they do nothing when citizens find themselves without 34 fewer trains from Cercanías ”. A circumstance that, according to the protesters criticized, “is a joke, because they tell us to take the train to avoid polluting and later, when theytake away trains and leave us without options, they don’t even send a complaint. It is very good to look to the future, but we have the problem now and they are not doing anything ”.

For the users gathered there, consulted by Ole Benalmádena, is “It is a counter-sense to be told that we must use the trainand park the car at home to be more respectful of the environment and they take away collective transport alternatives ”, and in this sense, they understand that“ the City Council must stand up to the Ministry of Public Works so that it returns to normal a public transport service that is vital for many Benalmadenses, who work or study outside of the city”.

At this point, the protesters emphasize that in the face of the problem arising from the reduction of Cercanías trains “it is important to face up and not just look at the 2030 agendas, since the problem is in November 2021.”

The political party Ágora, organizer of the protest, has expressed its satisfaction with the course of the protest, and with the concurrence of “such disparate groups united for the same cause: the restitution of the Cercanías trains in the province of Malaga.”

From Ágora it is insisted that “Renfe has to listen to us” because the railway infrastructure of the province “has to be reactivated both for its sustainability and because it connects different towns and regions”.

For its part, from the PP they have launched a campaign to demand that the “Executive of Sánchez take up, seriously and within the framework of European funds, the coastal train project, in order to improve rail connections between the capital and the Western Costa del Sol ”.

Citizens have also joined the demand that the Consistory urge the Ministry of Public Works to reestablish the Cercanías trains and furthermore, they emphasize that they do not understand that the way things are, “how are they asking for a use of mass public transport while there are train cuts, and on top of that they cut a lane of traffic on the coast.”

For this reason, they demand that the local government “work by citizens and also take into account the Torrequebrada train stop, because you cannot require a neighbor in this area to take the car through a single lane to get to the train and, above all, with fewer alternative schedules ”.

A group of members of the Platform not to the single lane of the Coast –which has more than 4,000 members on the internet- has participated in this demonstration in which the organizers also showed their rejection “against projects that could lead to a reduction in urban mobility , as is the single lane projected in Benalmádena ”.

Today’s will not be the only protest against the reduction of trains. In fact, On December 3, the CGT is organizing another new protest day due to the railway situation in Malaga at the Vialia María Zambrano station, where, as explained by the union, “we want to set up the Bethlehem in the face of the abuses by Renfe and the Ministry of Transport towards passengers and railroad workers ”.

Continuing with the agenda of demonstrations, on December 5 at 12 hours, the protest will move to the area in front of the Torremolinos Cercanías exit and ademonstration is also being planned in the streets of Fuengirolafor the middle of next December.



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