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New protest today by the Tivoli squad in front of the Tremón hotel in Mijas

The Tivoli workers continue with the fight for the subrogation of the permanent and discontinuous permanent staff. Today theyhave developed a new concentration, this time in front of the TRH de Mijas hotel, owned by Grupo Tremón, to “ask for a commitment to the Tivoli workers,” according to the unionists.

This week, the workers’ representatives have met with IU. Specifically, the leftists held a meeting with the general secretary of the Malaga CCOO Services union, Lola Villalba, and the president of the works council, Juan Ramón Delgado.

The IU spokesman, Pablo Centella, once again showed his party’s support for the workforce and stressed theCity Council’s position regarding the protection of the land so that no type of speculation occurs. At this point, Centella highlighted that “no matter how much Tremón threatens us -in reference to possible lawsuits by the Real Estate Group-, we are convinced that reason and law guides us, and that the municipality has the ability to protect the land for exclusive use, which is the amusement park “

However, he stressed that “this does not mean that we will take some more drastic measure although in principle, we trust that the pressure of the workforce will give its results.” Resolving the situation of these workers is, in the opinion of the leftist, “fundamental”, and highlighted that “we do not understand how it is not acting more harshly by other administrations such as the Junta de Andalucía“.

For his part, Villalba explained that there are about 35 people working in the park who, since last October 30, have been without receiving any type of aid or salary. The trade unionist stressed  that “they are our priority because they do not have the resources to face the day to day.”

In this sense, Villalba communicated that they are launching different judicial actions aimed at solving this problem. The union, after learning of the Supreme Court ruling ratifying the Torremolinos ruling, which certified the ownership of Tivoli by Grupo Tremón, has filed both complaints with the Labor and Social Security Inspection. As Villalaba explained, “as Tremón has not registered or subrogated the Tivoli workers, we have asked the Social Security to discharge them ex officio“.

On the other hand, the union member reported that the president of the works council has received “a burofax informing him of the cessation of activity”, and from a labor point of view, they are “totally against it being effective.”

She also listed different inconsistencies in “the arguments for the cessation of activity, to which we will make allegations” because they fear that “in the near future there will be a file of extinction of the entire workforce, which would obviously be the worst thing that could happen to the workers as the main affected, but also to the park because it would mean your definitive closure”, after half a century of activity.



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