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New setback for Cercanías users with the closure of the point of sale and customer service in Fuengirola

The long festive bridge has put to the limit the patience of the commuter train users who, given the cuts made by Renfe in Malaga, criticize that they have traveled in “collapsed” wagons on the way from Fuengirola to Málaga on their way back and forth. Likewise, they have also transferred Ole Benalmádena that “in view of the increase in passengers and the commuter trains being packed to overflowing, the wait has been hours because when no one got off at the stop, the train continued its journey as there was no possibility that someone else could fit inside” .

To all this, the CGT denounces that Cercanías Renfe Málaga has closed the point of sale of tickets and attention to the public at the Fuengirola station “giving a new turn of the screw against the rights of users”. The trade unionists emphasize that in the face of this new setback, which adds to the suppression of 34 commuter trains since last November 12, -the 3,500 suppressions have already been surpassed since the year 2021 (European rail year) began -, “We can draw conclusions about the future that both the Ministry of Transport and Renfe want to give to the most profitable line in the state per km.”

Trade unionists criticize that “from now on oblige users to travel to Benalmádena, Torremolinos or Málaga María Zambrano for questions as simple as being able to acquire a gold cardor any other transport ticket that is not issued by self-selling machines, destroying, in turn, jobs for box office and commercial personnel ”.

Next Sunday the 12thmarks a month since Renfe began its cut-off of Cercanías in Malaga and, coinciding with this anniversary, the unionists have organized a new demonstration in Fuengirola, at 11.30 am. The act will begin in the Fuengiroleño City Hall, from where the protesters will move in its northern part (where the zoo is) to the railway station. Thus, the official route will be as follows: Camilo José Cela street, Juan Gómez Juanito avenue and Jesús Santos Rein promenade, ending in a concentration in front of the Cercanías.

On the other hand, theCGT held a meeting this week with the Minister of Development of the Junta de Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez, to explain first-hand “the anguishing situation that the railroad is experiencing in Malaga in particular and in Andalusia in general.”

In addition, the union has sent today a written to the President of Renfe and the Minister of Transport demanding “the dismissal of the highest positions of Renfe  Public Service in Andalucía for the disastrous management and their ineptitude to defend the train of all and for all the people in Andalucía.”

As stated in this writing, in the opinion of the CGT, “not only is their functions being abandoned, but they are acting directly and arbitrarily  against the Public Service Obligations that Renfe is obliged to render at least until 2027 in compliance with the program contract with the State ”.

In the same way,they indicate that the unilateral suppression of at least 34 daily trains on the Málaga commuter lines “contravenes the Renfe / State agreement and it supposes de facto the diversion to the highway of a multitude of users who see how they are expelled from the use of the railroad by decisions that demonstrate the lack of competence of these people for the performance of the positions they occupy, supposing not only to contradict the supposed policy of Renfe and the Ministry of Transport against climate change but also strengthen the depopulation of the rural environment with the non-replacement of medium-distance trains that existed prior to the pandemic and that allowed the citizens of the regions to communicate with the capital and the Costa del Sol so important in the interior of the province of Malaga, such as Ronda and Antequera ”.



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