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Director: Chloe Zhao

Year: 2020

Duration: 108 min.

Country: United States

Cast : Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Linda May, Charlene Swankie, Bob Wells, Gay DeForest, Patricia Grier

Script : Chloé Zhao. Book: Jessica Bruder

Genre: Drama | Road Movie. 

Music: Ludovico Einaudi

Photography : Joshua James Richards

Producer : Highwayman Films, Cor Cordium Productions, Hear/Say Productions. 

Distributor: Searchlight Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures

Distributor in Spain : 20th Century Studios España

Theatrical release Spain: March 26, 2021

Original version: English subtitles in Spanish

2020: 3 Academy Awards: Best Movie, Direction and Actress (McDormand). 6 nominations

2020: 2 Golden Globes: Best Drama Movie and Direction. 4 nominations

2020: 4 BAFTA Awards: Best Film, Direction, Actress and Cinematography. 7 nominations

2020: Venice Film Festival: Golden Lion (Best Film)

2020: Toronto Film Festival: Audience Award (Best Film)


A woman, after losing everything during the recession, embarks on a journey to the American West living like a nomad in a caravan. After the economic collapse that also affected her town in rural Nevada, Fern grabs her truck and sets off to explore a life outside of mainstream society, as a modern nomad.


“It is at once melancholic and happy, earthy and epic, unsentimental but definitely moving, and full of sorrow for a lost past as well as hope for an uncertain future”

In American culture, the highway is more than transit territory, more than just a path between two fixed points. The idea of ​​a nomadic life is at the origin of the nation, in the journey of the pioneers who crossed the American lands in search of prosperity. 

Then came other dreamers: Jack London and his libertarian ideals, or Jack Kerouac and the beatniks, who found their own path to artistic creation and the sublime life ‘on the road’. With the 21st century, another nomadism arrived, studied by the journalist Jessica Bruder in her book Nomad Country. 21st century survivors (published in Spain by Captain Swing) and now made into a documentary film by Chloé Zhao, who portrays an itinerant community made up of elderly people who lost their properties in the great recession of 2007-2009.

It is not the first time that Zhao proposes a hybrid path between documentary and fiction. Sus dos films anteriores –Songs My Brothers Taught Me (2015) y The Rider (2017)– they already overlapped the work of professional and amateur actors, who showed their real modus vivendi on the screen.

In this way, Nomadland brings together various testimonies of people who have found in the nomadic life an alternative to ‘the tyranny of the dollar’: debts, junk work, the spiral of consumerism… This collection of true experiences propels the fictional odyssey, charged with integrity and sensitivity, by Fern (Frances McDormand at the height of the most expressive secrecy), a woman who decides to hit the road after the death of her husband and the literal disappearance of her town.

The result is a film that seems not to follow a pre-established course, but rather builds on luminous discoveries: the  beauty of the places we discover together with Fern, the dignity with which people face adversity, the shared emotions and hugs… Signs of life with which to combat contemporary confusion.

Next screening: January 27, 2022


In Berlin, Oren, an Israeli construction engineer, has a crush on the pastry chef Thomas. The romance doesn’t even seem to have started when Thomas discovers that Oren has been killed in a car accident in Jerusalem. 



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