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Organize workshops on new technologies and media for older people

The Councilor for the Elderly, Irene Díaz; and the Councilor for Social Welfare, Alicia Laddaga, today presented a media and new technology workshop aimed at older people in the municipality, organized by the press association, Prensa sin aging, sponsored by the La Caixa Foundation, in collaboration with Benalmádena City Council.

As Diaz explained, “these are media literacy workshops for the fight against disinformation and false news”and they have as aim to reduce the digital gap, encourage active participation and the use of new technologies, and the promotion of critical reading of the media in paper and digital format. Mobile applications, use of the computer, internet access, or management through mobile phones will be aspects that will be addressed in the workshop.

The workshops will take place from Monday 16 to Friday 20 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Doña Gloria Alonso Social Center. Interested people can sign up through the telephone service for the elderly 690237746.



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