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Pérez: “Juanma Moreno hasn’t set foot in Benalmádena for 4 years and hasn’t invested a single euro in the city”

The general secretary of the PSOE of Málaga, Daniel Pérez, today held a press conference in Benalmádena together with the mayor, Víctor Navas, on the land where the future Benalmádena Pueblo Secondary School will be located. “We are on a plot that was ceded to the Board four years ago for the construction of an institute. However, Moreno Bonilla in these four years has been unable to make a single visit to the municipality and everything he promised in the campaign is a lie, as is the case with his promise to build this educational center,” criticized the socialist.

For his part, the mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, has once again criticized “the repeated breaches of the Moreno Bonilla executive” with Benalmádena and especially in educational matters. “In 2009, the School Commission of the Benalmádena City Council warned about the need for new educational places in Benalmádena”, explained Navas, who recalled that “it had to be this progressive government that put two educational plots for the construction of a Children’s center and Primary and a secondary education institute in Benalmádena Pueblo”.

“When the investment of several million euros for the construction of this IES by the previous socialist government was committed, unfortunately the current government of Moreno Bonilla in these four years has done absolutely nothing to promote this much-needed infrastructure for the municipality” Navas criticized.

Future of Tivoli World

Pérez has also demanded that Moreno Bonilla rule on the situation in which the Tívoli World amusement park finds itself. “The neighbors and neighbors must know what their position is in this regard and, if they do not speak out, we will say that they have been unable to make a decision or have been a coward for not wanting to show their support for the workers. Faced with this, we have seen how its mayor, Víctor Navas, has been permanently in contact and in the mobilizations to save the future of Tívoli World, a reference for the whole of the province”, he underlined.

For his part,Navas has criticized “the lack of sensitivity” of the Chairman of the Board with respect to the workers. “We have asked him to speak out in defense of Tivoli World employees, but he has not done so. In short, Benalmádena deserves a Andalusian Government that is more loyal to our municipality”, stressed the mayor.

During today’s press conference, the general secretary of the PSOE in Malaga also gave his opinion on the regional election date. In Pérez’s opinion, “President Moreno Bonilla is acting frivolously regarding when he intends to call these elections. He is laughing at the Andalusian men and women about the hypothetical date when talking about whether it could be during the week, a Saturday, and the reality is that the legislature is exhausted, there are no budgets or new projects and that is why we ask you from the PSOE to call the elections and that the Andalusians may be the ones who speak out”.

In this regard, the leader from Malaga has pointed out that “we Socialists have done our homework, we have a candidate like Juan Espadas who is a candidate prepared to lead political change in Andalusia and we are now also preparing the party so that it can be accompanied by women and the men who are going to be the social referents of political change in Andalusia”.



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