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Podemos ask for the Ice Club to open

Podemos Benalmádena has sent a message of support to the workers of the Benalmádena Ice Club and has demanded that the Government team speed up the procedures for the concession so that the activity can start as soon as possible.

The spokesperson for Podemos Benalmádena, Enrique García has highlighted the importance of the services offered by the Ice Club in the city since, as he highlighted, this municipal building “offers much more than strictly sports equipment, as with rights, they are valued much more when they are lost and in Benalmádena we have lost a rehabilitation center, a back school and a place where adults and children improved their health and maintained their physical and psychological well-being at a more or less affordable price “.

Given the use that Benalmadenses make of these facilities, García asks the local government that the opening “become a priority and that the jobs of professionals who have more than demonstrated their effectiveness be kept apart from the lack of management “.



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