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Return to Hope Gap

Director: William Nicholson

Year: 2019

Duration : 100 min.

Country: UK

Distribution : Annette Bening, Bill Nighy, Aiysha Hart, Josh O’Connor, Nicholas Burns, Rose Keegan, Sally Rogers, Steven Pacey, Nicholas Blane, Derren Litten, Ryan McKen, Ninette Finch, Joel MacCormack.

Screenplay: William Nicholson

Genre: Drama

Music: Alex Heffes

Photography : Anna Valdez-Hanks

Producer : Immersiverse, Origin Pictures, Protagonist, Sampsonic Media. Distribuidora: Screen Media Films

Distributor in Spain : A Contracorriente Films

Premiere in Spain: October 23, 2020

Original version: English subtitles in Spanish


Edward makes the decision to leave his wife Grace after 29 years of marriage. From this moment on, each of them, in their own way, will find a way to rebuild their lives in a small coastal town near the cliffs of Hope Gap.


“THE atmosphere, the rhythm and the sentimentality to allow a good digestion of all that mother, to understand the relationships, the causes and the effects”

There is a moment in life when they stop thanking you for what you do and go on to congratulate you on achieving it. It is commonly called old age (or almost), but also simple tiredness. Regreso a Hope Gap talks about it, about the proximity of old age and the evidence of tiredness, and he does it with a tone between enervably calculated, dismissive or just calm. It would seem that in this patterned modulation the film exhibits its sin and its penance. Everything at once. William Nicholson, scriptwriter more than just contrasted (from his hands the libretti of Gladiator o Los miserables) rehearses a complicated strategy of reaching emotion from the emptying of gestures, from the calm, from the tranquility of two actors so convinced of the enormity of their size that they intelligently choose to barely move. And indeed, that is the greatest achievement.

Annette Bening and Bill Nighy are a couple who have been overwhelmed by time to wear off. She sets the pace and he just lets himself go. And in the middle, a disoriented offspring. She demands and he limits himself to not disturbing, to comply with submission, resignation and a lot of tranquility with a love that never lived up to everything promised. The idea is that the proximity of old age exhausts the last reserves of a fading affection. And so on until one day he falls flat on his face, a love discovery through, with the certainty that things may be otherwise better. And, to the amazement and misunderstanding of the son, there is still time.   Nicholson proposes a staging that formally recalls Secrets of a marriage, Bergman, but the other way around. All that in the case of the Swede was nerve, tearing and provocation, here is a calm, meditative and very reflective walk through the same abyss as always.

Next screening: December 16, 2021


It intimately tells the story of a good man, the Colombian doctor Héctor Abad Gómez, a charismatic social leader and family man, a prominent doctor and human rights activist in the polarized and violent Medellín of the 70s. The plot recounts the life of the doctor and father of the family, concerned both for his children and for the children of less favored classes. In his house he breathed the vitality and creativity characteristic of an education based on tolerance and love, but the environmental violence of the country conditioned the life of all his surroundings



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