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Rocío Martín from CD Badminton Benalmádena, double champion of Andalusia

The Andalucía Under 13-17 championship crowned the champions of both categories on Sunday, with final rounds worthy of some of the best national players. The results obtained by CD Badminton Benalmádena demonstrate the good health of the players from Benalmádena.

In the sub 13 category, the forecasts were met with Guillermo Muñoz, Sara Arenas and Maria del Pilar Carmona as protagonists.

The mixed doubles was for the couple formed by Guillermo Muñoz and Sara Arenas (La Encina/Volante Rute) winning the final against the locals Iván Díaz and Elena Cuevas.

In the women’s doubles, the players from Rute, Jimena Caballero and Blanca Porras, obtained the bronze medal. In the final, the faces were Sonia Meinesz (Benalmádena) and Irene Torres (Málaga Evolution) and Maria del Pilar Carmona and Leyre Raigón. The gold fell in three sets for the Arjonillera couple (21-19/6-21/ 8-21).

In the men’s doubles round, with a result of 21-17/21-14, the gold was won by Jose Miguel Calvo and Pedro Jesús Carmona (La Unión/Arjonilla) against the couple Pablo Lloreda and Fernando Pérez (Rute).

Continuing with the women’s individual, the volante Sara Arenas from Rute got her double, beating Maria del Pilar Carmona from Arjonilla by 21-15/21-17. The bronze medals went to Blanca Porras (Rute) and Leyre Raigón (Arjonilla )

To finish with the category of the smallest, highlight the other double achieved in this case by Guillermo Muñoz (La Encina) who beat Pedro Jesús Carmona (Arjonilla) by fast track in the final, with a result of 21-9/21 -8.

In the senior category and beginning with the men’s individual, Alberto Martínez (La Unión) has been proclaimed runner-up and silver medal and Rubén Carreras (IES La Orden) has won the precious gold medal. 

In the men’s doubles, there was a thrilling final, where Alberto Martínez and Cristobal Vallejo (La Unión/Huelva) beat the couple formed by Alejandro Béjar and Pepe Fernández (Huelva) in three sets (21-16 16-21 21-19).

In the women’s doubles, the locals Ana Agua and Alba Moriel climbed to the highest rung and therefore obtained gold in the Andalusian championship, who won the final by 21-9/21-14 against the CB players Arjonilla.

In the women’s singles, a great championship for the Benalmádena player Rocío Martín, who defeated Ángela Jiménez (La Unión) by 21-10/16-21/21-17, once again proclaiming herself champion of Andalusia. The podium was completed by Macarena Fernández from Almería and Lucía López from Bad-Fly (Jaén).

And to finish, double joy for the Benalmádena Badminton Club, since Rocío Martín together with Mario Rodríguez (Granada) achieved victory in the mixed doubles, and was done with a double of great merit. In the final they defeated Rubén Carreras and Ángela Jiménez (IES La Orden/La Unión) by 21-16/10-21/21-16. 

With the bronze were Pepe Fernández and Miriam Flores (Huelva) and the locals Alejandro Béjar and Ana Agua who curdled a great championship.



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