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Sand regeneration work begins on the beaches of Benalmádena

Since last Monday, the work of replenishing the sand from Torrebermeja beach to Santa Anahas been carried out, according to the Area Councilor, Encarnación Cortés, “as the Coastal Demarcation had agreed with this City Council.” Work in this area is expected to end tomorrow, Friday, May 20,and next week sand moving work will continue in other areas.

The councilor stated that this year sand has not been brought in from outside, “an aspect that we are grateful for, but is collected from the Torrebermeja tombolo: it is its own sand and, therefore, much more stable and cleaner,and it does not require that washing of several days that leaves the water cloudy”.

Cortes stated that “tomorrow everything will be in perfect condition on one of the most important urban beaches in the municipality, and next week the sand replenishment work will begin on Torrevigía beach, which has not been acted on in this regard for many years, and needed this arrangement because it has lost stability”.

In this sense, he reported that this week, the team from the Department of Beaches has been working in the Torrevigía area to prepare it for the work in the coming days, “collaborating with the Sunset Beach hotel, which has the concession for said beach, so that the replacement work can be carried out with agility and with guarantees that it will maintain its stability throughout the summer”.



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