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Served the semifinals of the Andalusian Championship of the Men’s First Division of Futsal Hockey

The Andalusian Hockey Federation has reported on the matches played this weekend within the Andalusian Championship of the Men’s First Division of  Indoor Hockey. Specifically, in the Rincón de la Victoria Group A has been played, where five teams have met in two days of high-level hockey.

In this group, CH Alcalá has been in first position, after an undefeated first phase and where Antonio Castillo’s boys have shown their credentials for the semifinals against CH Estudiantes 87.

In second place, CD Málaga 91, with an unstoppable Pedro Ginel, who has scored 18 goals in 4 games played and who will play the semifinals against RH Privé Benalmádena, in an Andalusian hockey classic.

In third position in group A, it has qualified in CHP Benalmádena and in fourth position of the Granada teams of Carataunas Ilusiona.

Closing the qualifying table, the CH Viator, who returned to the competition after a few years of hiatus.

CH Alcalá-CH Estudiantes 87 and RH Privé Benalmádena-CD Málaga 91 will play the medals on January 22

In group B, played on Saturday in Benalmádena, RH Privé Benalmádena went unbeaten to the semifinals, while CH Estudiantes 87 qualified in second place. In third position the CH 1972 is classified and the fourth place is for the ACD Liceo Sagrado Corazón.

The island teams will compete for the position from fifth to eighth against CHP Benalmádena and Carataunas Ilusiona.

Everything remains to be decided on January 22, in a very intense day of games and especially of a lot of quality indoor hockey.



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