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Social Welfare guarantees support to families at risk of social exclusion through three lines of aid

The Councilor for Social Welfare, Alicia Laddaga, has reported on the various lines of social aid promoted by the City Council, to guarantee a support network for people and families at risk of social exclusion and most punished by the effects of the economic crisis caused for the pandemic.

Regarding economic-family aid, the councilor explained that they are temporary, and their objective is to attend to the basic needs of minors who are in charge of these families.

“This type of aid is aimed at the prevention, reduction and suppression of the factors that generate risk for the situation of the best, facilitating the integration of the family environment in society,” he added.

In this sense, Laddaga explained that the aid proposal must include a family intervention plan that helps to overcome the situation that gave rise to the grant.

“Thanks to these aids, different needs can be covered, such as food, footwear, clothing, personal hygiene and domestic hygiene products, continuity milk, prescription drugs, diapers, school supplies and transportation, among other aspects,” he said. detailed the mayor.

The economic-family aid is financed by transfers from the Ministry of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation of the Junta de Andalucía, and, in the words of the mayor, “We have already received 28,342 euros for 2021, and in these days the rest of the aid corresponding to this year will be paid, totaling 81,000 euros more and we have a deadline to manage them until July 2022 ”.

On the other hand, from Social Welfare, the aid that is processed urgently from the City Council’s fixed box is managed in a preferential way, requiring only a report from the municipal social workers for its concession.

“We also haveemergency aid, which are of an extraordinary, urgent, temporary and specific nature, to prevent or alleviate situations of social exclusion, and of which we have given a total of 104,945.34 euros in 2021 so far,” he recalled .

“With these three lines of emergency aid, focused especially to cover the needs of minors, we have an important range to help all the families in the municipality that have been affected by the crisis caused by the pandemic, with the loss of jobs. of work that has entailed ”, has put in value Laddaga.



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