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Some of Britain’s most wanted fugitives are hiding on the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol seems to be the choice of many foreign fugitives, who flee from the justice of their countries of origin camouflaging themselves among foreign visitors and residents of the Costa del Sol municipalities.

It is becoming more and more common to read headlines about the capture of criminals or international drug traffickers in Malaga, as was the case last July in Fuengirola of Fortunato Stassi, convicted of international drug trafficking and known for his links with the mafia, the one carried out last November in Benalmádena of a Norwegian claimed by the authorities of his country for the same crime or the arrest of different fugitives wanted by Interpol.

And it is that, the Costa del Sol has been the shelter chosen by dangerous fugitives wanted by their countries of origin for many years. However, international police collaboration has been increasing the number of criminals arrested by the National Police Fugitive Location Group on the Costa del Sol, a place understood by these criminals as the ideal place to try to go unnoticed.

The Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Pérez, and the Minister-Counselor of the British Embassy in Spain, Sarah Cowley, presented this Wednesday in Madrid the new Operation Most Wanted campaign, which includes twelve other criminals on the list one of the most wanted in the United Kingdom and it is suspected that they could have fled to Spain. Half of them could be hiding on the Costa del Sol and/or Malaga.

The twelve fugitives added to the list are wanted by the UK Security Forces for their involvement in crimes of murder, drug trafficking and serious assault, among others. This new campaign was presented at a press conference in which Steve Rodhouse, General Director of Operations of the British National Crime Agency (NCA), and Mark Hallas, Director of the Crimestoppers organization, also took part.

The Secretary of State for Security has pointed out that Operation Most Wanted “allows us to strengthen and increase police collaboration between Spain and the United Kingdom in order to create a hostile environment that makes it difficult for criminal organizations to establish themselves in Spain and for criminals to settle in our cities”.

“Now more than ever it is necessary to unite everyone’s efforts to provide a coordinated and effective response to the new challenges that the constant evolution of technology and the vertiginous intrinsic dynamism of our current society present us with regard to security”, added Rafael Perez.

For her part, Minister-Counselor Cowley pointed out that “the Most Wanted campaign is just one example of the successful cooperation that exists between British and Spanish law enforcement. We are united as partners in the face of common threats and challenges, sharing not only our experience and expertise, but also goals and values. In this way, we make both countries safer for citizens. For which I would like to thank our Spanish colleagues from the National Police and the Civil Guard for the role they play in this campaign and, more broadly, their constant collaboration in the face of the challenges we have in common”.

Operation Most Wanted is a project of the British National Crime Agency (NCA) and the non-governmental non-profit organization Crimestoppers, launched in 2006 and with the collaboration, in Spain, of the Secretary of State for Security and the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Madrid. Of the 95 fugitives in search and capture included in its list of most wanted who could have been hiding in Spain, 86 have already been located and arrested in recent years.

Have you seen them?

Anyone with information about any of these individuals can call Crimestoppers anonymously at 0800 555 111, while people calling from Spain can do so at the Spanish toll-free number 900 926 111, which will be answered by CrimeStoppersin the UK, using translation if necessary.

Asim Naveed.

Naveed is alleged to have had a prominent role in a highly organized crime group. Using the EncroChatencrypted communications platform, he is accused of acquiring large quantities of cocaine from upstream suppliers and subsequently distributing it through Cardiff and Wales. It is estimated that he and his OCG brought 46 kilos of cocaine to Wales worth up to £7,885,680. It is believed that he is hiding in Málaga.

Callum Halpin

Wanted by Greater Manchester in connection with the murder of Luke Graham and the attempted murder of Anton Verigotta.  Halpin was allegedly one of three men who drove to the scene of the attack and participated in the murder. It has potential links with Alicante, Málaga, Portugal and Dubai.

Jack Mayle.

Surrey Police are looking for Jack Mayke for his part in supplying MDMA, methylphenidate (a pharmaceutical drug) and diazepam. Mayle fled after being charged. He allegedly ran a drug line in South London and Surrey called Flavor Quest. He worked with a dark web drug dealer buying and selling drugs, among others, for subsequent sales through their respective drug networks. They sold LSD and various pharmaceutical drugs. It is suspected that he could be in Marbella.

Nana Oppong.

He is wanted by Essex Police in connection with the murder of Robert Powell, 50. Oppong allegedly drove to a party where Powell was present and shot him eight times with a 9-millimeter pistol.  Oppong and Powell allegedly belonged to rival criminal networks. It could be in Marbella.

Callum Michael Allan.

He is wanted for twelve alleged felonies including: Possession with Intent to Supply Class A (Heroin), Supply Class A (Cocaine), Possession of Cannabis, Assaulting an Emergency Worker, Brawl and Dangerous Driving. On June 11, 2019, the police raided a house suspected of being used for drug trafficking. Allan fled and assaulted two officers who restrained him. He was in possession of 113.29 grams of heroin. Allan was charged and appeared in court in April 2020, where he was given unconditional bail and did not return. It is suspected that he is hiding on the Costa del Sol.

Joshua Dillon Hendry.

He is charged with being a member of a Liverpool GDO and with conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. He is believed to have trafficked heroin and crack cocaine from Liverpool to Grimsby for further distribution and controlled the telephone line used for this. His mother and brother were convicted as part of the conspiracy. Hendry is also wanted for a separate drug conspiracy to supply cocaine in May 2018, for which he was sentenced to 10 years in prison in March 2019. It is suspected that he could be in Estepona.



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