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Sport fishing in Benalmádena

Fishing has been gaining many followers in recent years, especially in its most competitive field: sports. In Benalmádena we have our own Fishing Sports Club, with more and more members as more and more people discover that this sport has many benefits for both the physical and mental health of those who practice it.

And the thing is, fishing allows you to de-stress from the daily hustle and bustle since at the end of the day you find yourself alone with nature together with your fellow club members, to enjoy the natural environment that this unique enclave such as Andalusia offers us. While you fish you allow your mind to disconnect… there, at that moment the rush or the worries do not come into play, it is the moment for a mental break from the daily worries and the fusion of oneself with the natural environment that surrounds us.

It is one of those unique moments in which we have plenty of mobile, because when going fishing the important thing is the rod, as the waters are, the line, the fishand social networks or phone calls are of no use to us, well, the important thing is to relax and not worry, even for that moment, of obligations.

It is a sport that results in a great satisfaction of overcoming for those who practice it since it is back and forth to get the biggest  fish provides a feeling that is difficult to explain if you have never experienced it. In addition, it allows you to meet new people with whom, from the outset, you know that you have a common bond: the love of fishing and nature.

This sport requires a great deal of patience. There are things in life that you have to take it easy, and fishing is one of them. However, the company of members of the benalmadense club and the desire to improve each one of them, provide a fun time like few others, that usually the Club Benalmadenseculminates with a lunch, dinner or coexistence meeting, in which anecdotes and laughter are the protagonists, and any type of competitiveness is left out.

One point that all fishing enthusiasts agree on is their passion for nature. It is possible to fall into the error of thinking that this activity is practiced by those who do not value the life of marine animals, but nothing could be further from the truth. Fishing loverstend to be the most respectful of the natural environment, in fact, contact with vegetation, animals and water is one of the attractions of this activity, and not the simple fact of catching a fish.

Proof of this are the cleaning days of the Benalmádena breakwater promoted by the local Fishing Sports Club, that are of environmental interest and that last 2021 developed for the third consecutive year in collaboration with the marina, to promote an improvement in our natural environment within the campaign Today’s work, tomorrow’s well-being. According to the president of the club, Antonio Zaragoza, “we are very proud that each year more people participate, and we collect less waste, so we are getting closer to achieving that awareness that will prevent the breakwater from getting dirty again.”

At the same time, last year they also put into practice with the collaboration of the City Council, the Captain Planeta workshop, aimed at children who received information about the sea and marine species.

The sport fishing club of Benalmádenaalso is very supportive and organizes different events to help the most vulnerable residents of the town, such as the fourth Fishing for Toys Tournament, in which citizens participated by fishing on the beach while donating a toy for children from families at risk of social exclusion in the city.

They also donated 25 roscos de Reyes to the non-profit organization The Flight of the Dragonflies so that vulnerable families with children would not stay this Kings Day without enjoying this sweet at their tables.

They are a club that, beyond the love of fishing,has become a great family that looks to the sea, but also towards our municipality and reaches out whenever they are needed to help those who are not having a good time.

Continuing with the benefits that the practice of this sport can bring for our health, it should be noted that since you are outdoors, you will give your lungs a break and also, you will receive a significant dose of vitamin D from the sun, a circumstance that your bones are going to thank you. 

It will also allow you, through the movements necessary to fish that you do not normally perform on a daily basis, to be mentally active. In addition, practicing this sport benefits from developing balance, a skill that requires flexibility and resistance, and therefore helps to promote the body’s motor functions.

At the same time, the fisherman also develops body strength and, like any other type of sport, demands goals and purposes. And precisely those goals that one wants to pursue will establish an excellent way to promote our self-esteem.

And it goes without saying that while fishing you will live moments that you will remember and relive with a smile whenever you tell friends and family about them. We are sure that it will be difficult for you to forget that day when you caught your first fish … Don’t think about it, and if you want to enjoy the benefits of this sport, get in touch with the Benalmádena Fishing Sports Club and don’t forget to tell us about your experience.

The Benalmádena Fishing Sports Club is federated and here you can see the places chosen for 2022:



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