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Success of Benalmádena’s tourist campaigns this summer

The mayor and councilor of Tourism of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, has taken stock of the recently concluded summer stage, on the occasion of the celebration of World Tourism Day today. The data could not have been better. Regarding municipal promotion, the two advertising campaigns have reached two million people on social networks, and the promotional videos have reached one million visits, according to Navas.

“Initially we thought that we would have a difficult summer again, because we were coming from the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, after registering extraordinary occupancy figures in 2019, and expectations fell even lower when the British Government announced in June that it was not advising to travel to the Costa del Sol ”, recalled Navas.

“Fortunately, thanks to national tourism we have managed to fill our hotel rooms and homes for tourism purposes, reliving a record summer,” he celebrated.

“The citizens of Benalmádena have been able to verify the full capacity that the places of interest of the municipality, the areas of great tourist influx, bars, restaurants and the various cultural events have registered in Benalmádena this season”, he highlighted.

The mayor recalled that, at the beginning of the summer season, the Department of Tourism launched two campaigns “to promote the commercialization of our tourist offer in foreign markets”.

Thus, these campaigns have achieved that up to two million users of social networks have Benalmádena as a reference tourist destination, which proves, according to Navas, “the impact of the two promotions carried out under the hashtags #Benalmádenaenfamilia y # Benalmádenaenpareja, with videos that have added nearly a million views ”.

“The impact of this campaign places us ahead of many other tourist destinations, with a scope at the level of the campaigns carried out by large cities such as Malaga, Madrid or Barcelona, ​​which shows that we are working on the right line,” he stated. value the mayor.

Navas thanked the collaboration of the various companies that have participated in the campaigns and contests parallel to them, providing visibility to them and to the various awards.

With the sights set on the fall, the mayor explained that “we have excellent expectations because in the last meeting we had with AEHCOS, professionals in the sector told us that the bookings between now and Christmas are between 45 and 60 percent” .

“Good prospects for the strength of Benalmádena as a tourist destination, and as a consequence of the fact that on October 4, the transit of travelers between the United Kingdom and the Costa del Sol will open freely, a factor that is pulling reservations, at the same time. that we should also add the return of Imserso trips that, without leaving the benefits of international tourists, do contribute to maintaining the hotel plant during the winter months ”, Navas has valued.

“Benalmádena is a municipality with a great tourist strength, which offers the visitor a wide, diverse and high-quality offer, and whose tourism industry has once again demonstrated its vigor this summer and its desire to overcome the adversities of the last year and a half to continue to grow and prosper ”, concluded the mayor.

“Now we are going to continue working on winter tourism, trying to eliminate the seasonality that continues to weigh down coastal destinations, and highlighting other equally important segments, such as gastronomy or active tourism, and placing the focus on the climate enviable that we maintain in autumn and winter ”, pointed out Navas.



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