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Successful participation in the demonstration in Torremolinos against the suppression of Cercanías

The demonstration held yesterday Sundayto protest against the reduction of Renfe Cercanías trainsin the Plaza de La Nogalera, in front of the Torremolinos station, -which is currently under construction and is inaccessible for people with reduced mobility-, returned to garner a great call. Many citizens supported the demonstration promoted by the CGT union, which has been leading this demand since the summer time cuts in Malaga’s rail transport began.

According to the trade unionists, “more and more users are joining the protests that we have been programming” because not in vain the Cercanías is an almost obligatory transport for many citizens from different locations on the Costa del Sol who study or work in Malaga .

After the demonstration this Sunday in Torremolinos, the next appointment will be in Fuengirola, on December 12 at 11.30 am. The act will begin in the fuengiroleño town hall, from where the protesters will move in its northern part (where the zoo is) to the railway station. Thus, the official route will be as follows: Camilo José Cela street, Juan Gómez Juanito avenue and Jesús Santos Rein promenade, ending in a concentration in front of the Cercanías.

Specifically, the CGT requires Renfe to reactivate the 34 Cercanías trains that it has suppressed because they fear that, if the cuts continue, “the public rail service will end up being dismantled, as is already the case in the Ronda and Antequera regions.” In addition, they criticize that the train reductions “have not led to any type of fare reduction” and that Renfe also “has transferred drivers to the AVE that is not a Public Service Obligation (OSP), leaving students and pensioners without Cercanías or people who use it to go to work every day ”.

The trade unionists once again ask for the support of the citizens in their next protest in Fuengirola with the aim of “putting pressure and together, getting Renfe to return all the Cercanías trains that it has suppressed.”



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