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Swim, bike and run

Triathlon is a relatively modern form in which swimming, cycling and running are combined. The Benalmádena Triathlon Club was born twelve years ago, when eight friends who love this sport decided to give structure and officiality to this sport in the city. This small sports family currently has almost a hundred members of which approximately 30 percent are minors, or as they like to call them tribenalkids, thanks to the creation of the official school that saw the light of day in 2020 and that despite the pandemic, has garnered great acceptance to date.

The Benalmadense Club has almost a hundred triathletes.

Many identify the triathlon with the ironman and, ultimately, with the legend of that bet among American marines who on the beach in Hawaii wanted to elucidate what sport and therefore, which athlete would be the most resistant: a swimmer, a cyclist or an athlete. This sport is thought of as something out of our reach and much less that of our little ones. Nothing is further from reality. Of course, in this sport there are levels and each one will reach them with their training and desire to improve, but we must stop thinking of this activity as something inaccessible and see the benefits that its practice brings us.  

More than thirty minors already enjoy the practice of this complete sport.

In the little ones for example,  among others, it improves psychomotor development, helps the cardiorespiratory system grow strong and improves oxygenation of the body, improves socialization, is a relaxing activity, reduces the risk of obesity, increases muscle mass and strengthens joints, stimulates agility and balance, improves self-esteem and social skills.

The Club has trained this summer both on the beach and in the swimming pool of the Benalmádena Pueblo sports center.

It also develops group conscience because although the competitions are individual, children start in this sport in groups and help each other, they encourage each other in tests and competitions because they feel part of a group, of a sports family.  At the same time, responsibility is favored as in addition to schedules, the little ones must comply with the care of the equipment for which they are responsible. At an educational level, solidarity and respect for all team members are promoted and, especially, love for nature is promoted because some of the activities and training are carried out in the natural environment. And it must be said that since they are three different disciplines, it is much more difficult for children to get bored and choose to abandon their practice.

The Club carries out trainings in the middle of nature.

The philosophy of the Benalmadense Club is its passion for sport because, according to what they say to Ole Benalmádena, “When what you want is simply to extend all those magnificent sensations that triathlon gives you, everything results in a group cohesion so impressive that it makes you feel that you are among friends.”

And it is that, in this club, everyone is welcome, whatever the level.  “Those who start will find themselves clothed, advised and guided and the hardened triathletes will also discover a high level of training and competitions”, they point out from the Benalmadense Club, from where  They confess that they feel “especially proud” of their little triathletes as they have taken special interest and have worked hard to make this sport accessible to minors.

It is curious to experience how in a sport in which one competes individually there is such a significant team cohesion because, as the Club tells us, “we always have a shout of encouragement, a voice of encouragement for our people in competitions because we are all important in our team and we feel part of it ”.

The team has become a great sports family.

The Benalmádena Triathlon Club has been organizing for years a test in the city for charitable purposes that in each edition enjoys more popularity and also, its members participate in the different tests that are carried out throughout the Andalusian territory under the auspices or collaboration with the Andalusian federation –which from here we want to publicly acknowledge for its involvement in supporting minor trans athletes-.

“If improving is a challenge for you. The seniority of some and the desire to improve others will make you achieve it. You will find us willing, prepared and with a smile despite the effort. Do not limit your challenges, better challenge your limits ”, this is how the Benalmádena Triathlon Club invites us to enjoy this complete sport. If you wantmore information, ask at the municipal sports center  or send an email to



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